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2 July 2012

29 june 2012
Alpha 1'sap6' with Chromium
help development even without Raspberry Pi Hardware
Two 'raw' videos of Alpha 1 on YouTube
1. Chromium
2. Other programs to give people some idea

19 june 2012
Pre Alpha 'sap6' from BarryK available for debugging

14 june 2012

13 june 2012
What is the current status?
Have boards: Antiloquax, (RacyPy developer), John Murga (forum owner, puplet developer, creator of Murga Lua programming language), Lobster, Rhadon, MrGreen, BarryK (creator of Puppy Linux), Shadow
Boards on order: Raffy, Sickgut, Dinor

Antiloquax working from Arch
Sickgut planning to create console Puppi with Debian (possibly leading to SFS)
Shadow looking at C code of gtkdialog
Can I burn SD img files from a Mac?
12 june 2012
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