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Stub - heavy development of this page to come

What are the proposed Puppi spec?

Let me try and put the whole Puppi, Raspberry Pi, PARM into context . . .

Puppi is part of a long term strategy to make Puppy available on next generation ARM tablets and future smart phones and other devices.

So for example the use of things such as touch screens, voice control and making use of Android or other plug in apps is eventually possible.

First however we have to work to a common goal and working for well documented, specific hardware - cheap enough for everyone to splash out. This has evolved into the Raspberry Pi commitment.

In 2013 we MAY be able to work to a common ready made Android/Smartphone tablet hardware device with worldwide availability.

At that time we can ask people to make a hardware commitment and pick up any strays on the way . . .

So back to [b]Raspberry Pi plan[/b]

We are not going for the best board
We are going for the cheapest, most widely available,
well documented and built to high engineering standards.

We are also right at the beginning of software development.
You will very quickly be aware of deficiencies in the recommended
Debian and Arch compiles - Yes they work . . . sort of.
Fortunately smart penguins are involved with Arch, Debian, kernel, individual programs and other upcoming efforts. Yeah! :)

For those testing, teaching, compiling, creating projects we want Puppy to offer the best base.

That means:

The Core Experience
- Small, fast, easy to use. Just works.
- Familiar to Puppy's using x86 computers

The Support

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