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2 July 2012 Alpha 2 Puppi SAP with working keyboard editing, gtkdialog and a many new dogee biscuits

What will Puppi be like?
What are the proposed Puppi spec? likely to change during development
What is the BIG plan?
Puppi is part of a long term PARM strategy to make Puppy available on next generation ARM tablets and future superphones and other devices. Puppy is already moving towards 64bit and CPU independence.
Once Puppy is solidly on Raspberry Pi, we will add drivers for other PARM devices
Eventually allowing for touch screens, voice control, making use of Android or other plug in apps.
First however we have to work to a common goal and working for well documented, specific hardware - cheap enough for everyone to splash out. This has evolved into the Raspberry Pi commitment.
In 2013 as the market matures, we will work towards a common ready made Android/Smartphone tablet hardware device with worldwide availability. At that time we will ask puppys to make another hardware commitment.

Why Raspberry Pi?
Use the cheapest, most widely available, well documented motherboard
built to high engineering standards.
We are right at the beginning of software development
Prepare to learn EVERYTHING

What Puppy centric news and support is available?

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