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~**Puppy-es** is in Spanish language puplet created in 2012 by the IRC channel # team puppy-es spearheaded by [[josejp2424]], [[nilsonmorales]] and [[mama21mama]]. The project's goal is to have a version of Puppy Linux fully in Spanish and have 3G support. Puppy-Es uses the [[window manager|]] - [[Openbox]] and the [[panel]] - [[Tint2]]. The last pupplet entirely in Spanish before it was Puppy- Molinux Zero, now discontinued.

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==Chat rooms ( server)==
Spanish: # puppy-es (server FreeNode) click to access [[ qwebirc]] or [[ cgiirc (java app)]]
Spanish: # puppy-click to access is [[ qwebirc]] or [[ cgiirc (java app)]]
English: # ""PuppyLinux"" [[ click to start qwebirc]]

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