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====What is a Puppy Version====
~A Puppy Version or Pupplet or is a derivative of a Puppy Linux distribution. The modifications are custom edits to the software and may be optimized for certain hardware or tasks. Examples include, different a [[desktop environment]], a different core (kernel) newer or older, a selection of different programs, a default language other than English, and so on.
~There are two methods of creating puplets, [[remastering]] and [[Woof]]. The remastering makes an ISO file with all user modifications, you can save or burn directly to CD / DVD. All versions come with Puppy remasterpup tool, which is used for this process. Woof is a program for creating Puppy Linux, used for official versions and many pupplets. Woof is a more complex tool, that can build a very different Puppy from the original. As such it is not recommended for beginners. The latest version of Woof has greatly improved support of different languages, with many existing language packs (from Woof can even create your default puplet a language other than English).

==Also on the Wiki==
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