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Puppy 3.00

Major breakthroughs over old Puppy2 version was getting periodic flushing of RAM to Flash drive working properly (this is part of a mechanism that constrains writes to Flash drives so that they don't burn out).

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Comment by darkcity
2011-10-01 17:42:04
what the difference between this page and

Comment by darkcity
2011-10-01 17:45:48
looks like this is about Puppy3 and 301 is about apps,

merge and tidy?
Comment by CrustyLobster
2011-10-06 05:08:04
yes merge and tidy? :)

301 (bug fix/upgrade of 300) was just taken from 300 and any changes added :)
Comment by darkcity
2011-10-08 11:32:01
page called Puppy301 seems to just be about 301's applications

where as page Puppy300 has the general info about 301

is Puppy3 the least popular of the pack?
Comment by CrustyLobster
2011-10-15 01:26:12
I do not remember - these are more historic - so can be combined anyway you feel appropriate
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