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Puppy Linux 4.2 Features

The Puppy Linux 4.2 Team The team is comprised of all those who have participated, often at great cost. Project Co-ordinator: Warren Willson (WhoDo) Project Consultant: Barry Kauler (BarryK) Project Lead Developers: Jeff (ttuuxxx), Sigmund (Zigbert), Will (Hairywill), David (pa_mcclamrock), Jeremy (Pizzasgood) Project Developers: 01micko, Aragon, CatDude, coolpup, Dougal, droope, ecube, esmourguit, JebaJQ8, Jrb, Kirk, Mark Ulrich (MU), MinHundHettePerro, Patriot, rerwin, Tasmod, Technosaurus, Tempestuous, Trio, WhoDo Project Documentation: coolpup Project Publicity: Ed Jason (Lobster) Project Hosting: Eric (Caneri), Mark Ulrich (MU), Previously known as Guest Project Pre-release Testers: All of the above plus 8-bit, `f00, Aitch, ags, alex12, athanasios, Béèm, big_bass, bigbeck, brymway, capoverde, Cb88, Christopher, cthisbear, d4p, DaveS, davesurrey, daklander, darrelljon, dejan555, cretsiah, Doglover, Dogone, drongo, ecomoney, edoc, ferikenagy, Flash, Flash858, gerry, Greatnessguru, growler, Harry1949, hillside, himajin, hxc, ICPUG, jabu2, jakfish, jamesbond, jcoder24, Jim1911, JMX, keef, liberomureddu, Libretto100ct, linuxcbon, mawebb88, Max Headroom, mikeb, Minnesota, Muggins, NathanO, nic2109, panzerpuppy, PaulBx1, pedropajanito, pitape, playdayz, Ray MK, Roy, sata80, scheck.r, seeker, slippycurb, smooth, SouthPaws, steve_s, straypup, Terryphi, TheBlackSheep, tom4jesus, Tom Raft, trapster, tronkel, Tui, twointo1, WB7ODYFred, Wellesfargo, William (Dthdealer), WN2A, XiaolinDraconis, yim, yvonne, zygo

New software bcrypt-1.1 .PET 12KB, conky-1.6.1, fontconfig-2.6.0 .PET 126KB, gpicview-0.1.11 .PET 43KB, gutenprint-5.2.3, hotrox-0.1 .PET 21KB, htop-0.8.1 .PET 38KB, libsamplerate-0.1.2 .PET,

Parcellite, refreshmenus .PET 2KB, remax-4.2 .PET, roxrightclicks-0.8.2 .PET 60KB, transmission-1.50 .PET 235KB, xarchiver-0.5.2 .PET, xchat-2.8.6 .PET 687KB, xpad-2.14

New or upgraded 'P' series programs pbackup-3.1.5 33KB, pburn-2.2.2 64KB, pcp-1.0, pcursorsel-0.1 2KB, petget-420 24KB, pfilesearch-1.11 8KB, pfind-4.7 15KB, pmetatagger-2.1 12KB, pmusic-0.5.4 19KB, precord <1KB, pschedule-0.6 5KB, ptray-0.5 9KB, pwget, pwidgets-2.0.6-4 221KB, pwireless-0.8.4 5KB

Upgraded software abiword-2.6.6 .PET 3980KB, alsa-lib-1.0.19, axel-2.3 .PET 23KB, cups-1.4b3 .PET 2549KB, dosfstools-3.0.1 .PET 53KB, flashplayer- .PET 2982KB, freetype-2.3.8, gadmin-rsync-0.1.1, galculator-1.3.3 .PET 66KB, gdmap-0.8.1 .PET 27KB, geany-0.16 .PET 745KB, gftp-2.0.19 .PET 153KB, gnumeric-1.8.4 .PET 7.2MB, gphoto2-2.4.4, gxine-0.5.903, homebank-4.0.2 , isomaster-1.3.5 .PET 75KB, lame-3.98.2 .PET 250KB DEV.PET 142KB, libdvdcss-1.2.10 .PET 34KB, libgphoto2-2.4.4 .PET 731KB, libpng-1.2.34, libsndfile-1.0.18 .PET 181KB DEV.PET 191KB, mtpaint-3.30 .PET 269, mtr-0.75, ntfs-3g-2009.2.1 .PET 142KB, seamonkey-1.1.15, trash-0.3.3 .PET 18KB, vorbis-tools-1.2.0 .PET 47KB, wallpaper-0.5.3 .PET 10KB, wget-1.11.4 .PET 96KB

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