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"after 4.3 is released, we have to discuss who will coordinate 4.4. I would prefer to get back onto Woof core development and some other things. I was wondering, perhaps our old "community edition" model should be looked at again."


Future puppies
The Woof build system enables us to build Puppy from any distro's packages.
Upup Barry Kauler Puppy built from Ubuntu Jaunty packages, tiny size (approx. 100MB live-CD) and Puppy speed, a user interface and user experience that is totally Puppy, the full suite of applications and utilities as in any other Puppy, yet built from Ubuntu packages and able to install further packages from the Ubuntu repositories.
Dpup a Debian-based build Ttuuxxx is working on
Fatdog Kirk is working on, a build from packages compiled in T2.

All of these are available for testing. Please look on the Murga Forum for latest announcements:
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