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". . . after 4.3 is released, we have to discuss who will coordinate 4.4. I would prefer to get back onto Woof core development and some other things. I was wondering, perhaps our old "community edition" model should be looked at again." Barry K


I could probably do at least the first couple 4.4.x releases if no one else steps up Technosaurus


4.3.1 will be a bug-fix release Forum thread from BarryK
4.3.2 (Alpha 1 of 4.4) Upgrade ALSA to 1.0.21a, Upgrade, Transmission added, AdBlock Plus or MonkeyMenu in Seamonkey
4.3.2-4.3.9 (Alpha and beta releases of 4.4)
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Offers of help use registration program or just add details

Version of Puppy: 4.4CE
Hardware: diverse laptops
Skills offered: compiling, testing,...
Contact Details: forum (aragon) email (

dio (aka Tom, gnu-dio, renegade4dio, pupXXX-dio)
Skills offered: testing, some compiling, some scripting
Contact Details: forum dio444, irc gnu-dio on,
Misc Info: I can (and will at any opportunity) test on multiple machines from
CD, USB flash, and HDD. I can also compile and package, but my skills are not
great. I can also bash script, but again my skills are not great.

Skills offered: maintaining 4.4CE wiki page, artwork, testing
Contact Details: forum (lobster), email (, twitter (tmxxine)
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