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4.4CE will use a modular approach, with Technosaurus as project leader
rather like the ChoicePup puplet
4.4CE will be based on 4.3.1 and maintain Puppy's 100MB size
Applications will be easily available as sfs add-ons (with choices)


Bug Reporting

Detailed Objectives

Puppy 4.4 Team add yourself

4.4CE is the umbrella name for CE development versions 4.3.2 - 4.3.9. Once development is completed, the final product will be renamed 4.4

Links (announcement) (development thread) (pet tests thread)
Status – Under development, but is dependent on completion of 4.3.2. Presumably, the final 4.4CE will have the same 5 version releases as the original 4.30.

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