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====Puppy Linux 4.4====

~Never Released

~[[ pup44-a1.iso alpha details]]
~[[ pup44-a1.iso alpha download]]

==Discussion thread==
~[[ (announcement thread]]
~[[ (development thread]]
~[[ (pet tests thread]]

~Download list:

~Bug tracker:

==Known issues==
MIME Types want to be symlinks now?
Homebank is much larger due to compiling with extra support needed for many banks (required extra libs)
Mhwaveedit was recompiled against a cutdown libsamplerate to save over 1mb (the highest sample rate is not supported)
Conky was unnecessarily compiled against libxcb (needs recompiled without the advanced xorg pet installed)\
Many programs in the 500kb+ range were upx' to save space.
Abiword and Gnumeric have released bugfixed versions and need to be recompiled.
Seamonkey is still at version 1.1.18. Need to compile 1.1.19 for the final release (probably the last Puppy with this series)
Returned to gtk+-2.14 until the bugfixed version of Rox is compiled from CVS (Rox would not unselect files).
This version is missing some of the modem drivers (and some others), but there is a separate zdrv file that has them.
(If there is a working driver available that is not included on the full zdrv let me know & I'll add it)
FYI ... Do not try to build a woof based system on an ntfs partition.
Others that could use an upgrade: flash plugin,...
Maybe add: [[xvkbd]] (95kb on screen keyboard)
Possible replacements: ffconvert instead of woo-ff,

This is the first release in a while that has contained all of the drivers on the zdrv,
so although I have created a utility called zdrv cutter to cut its installed size down from 25MB to ~3MB,
I am not including it by default in this release because I don't want it to mask issues with the zdrv itself
(look for it in cutting edge or wait for the first beta)

==New Drivers==
+ ATI graphic drivers
+ Broadcom wifi drivers
+ splix - Samsung, Xerox, Dell printer drivers

==New Programs==
+ acpid
+ default-wizard
+ fileedit (set to defaulttextviewer)
+ floppy-formater (-
+ Galculator (- all other calculators)
+ lameNFSxplorer
+ lameSMBxplorer (- pnethood)
+ [[Pmusic]] (- aqualung)
+ printoxx
+ [[Pupradio]] (- pstreamvid)
+ [[Pscreenshot]]
+ pstartupsound
+ [[Pwireless2]] (- Pwireless)
+ [[RetroVol]] (- absvol and - zmixer)
+ seahaven card game
+ Stardust desktop environment - including pcc (Puppy control center), desktop configuration tools and Pwidgets
+ [[startmount]]
+ woo-ff
+ xgamma

==Bug Reporting==
- Users are requested to please visit the [[ Puppy Linux 4.4 Development Project Page]] to report any bugs they may find. To sign up for an account please view the [[ New Bug/Issue tracking system on Google Code]] thread at Puppy Linux Forum.
- Icon-stacking fix when there are too many drive icons to fit horizontally on the screen. Appropriate script is /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d, function free_coord()
- Network Wizard fix - having to scan twice for a wireless network, and settings not (properly) remembered between boots. [[ USB solution]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Puppy44Team Puppy 4.4 Team]]
~[[Puppy4 Puppy 4 Index]]

==Related Websites==
~[[ Technosaurus]] project leader.

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