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[[ Puppy 5.0.1]] Woof production developed by Larry Short & Mick Amadio

Superseded by [[Puppy525]].

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**Features of Lucid Puppy 5.0 **
//Puppy Linux 5.0, code name 'Lupu' also referred to as 'Lucid Puppy'
is built from Ubuntu 10.04 'Lucid Lynx' binary packages//

- [[LucidPuppyQuickpet QuickPet]] software choice
- Audacity
- Wine
- Kompozer - build web site
- Thunderbird
- Songbird - manage music collection
- Java
- Graphic drivers
- Configure Package Manager - one button update of Package Manager
- Simple Network Setup
- Easy configure after boot with //First Run Wizard//
- Use included small Puppy Browser or choose a major Browser
- Firefox
- Opera
- Chrome
- SeaMonkey
- [[LucidPuppyUpdate One button update]]
- [[ Ubuntu Lucid Lynx]] software creation compatibility
- 3D space invaders

[[ Puppy 5.1]] Coming August 2010 to a computer near you

[[LucidPuppySFS SFS usage with Lucid]] - [[LucidPuppyUpdate Lucid Puppy Update]] - [[LucidPuppyQuickpet QuickPet]] - [[LucidScreenshots]]

**Vision for Lucid Puppy 5.0**
It will have traditional Puppy screen layout and traditional Puppy apps
(updated to latest versions). Things will work as Puppy users expect them to.
The big move is to create Puppy on top of the Ubuntu binaries,
which raises opportunities for future versions. **Playdayz**

//Now this is about the dirtiest, filthiest "fix" I have ever come up with. Actually it is not a fix but a workaround, and I haven't tested it properly yet, but here goes..// **Mick** (01Micko)

//But, taking a little break from Quirky. Right now I'm downloading Lucid Puppy 115, see if I can contribute finding/fixing bugs.// **BarryK**

//I'm considering using Quirky as the base for Puppeee/Fluppy 5. It's either that or the upcoming EB4.
I think using Quirky would be a lot easier for me, but it would miss Debian package compatibility.// **Jemimah** (developer of Puppeee & Fluppy)
[[ podcast]]
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