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====Puppy 5.1.1====

**Coordinator** Larry Short (Playdayz)
**Main Developer** Mick Amadio (01Micko)
**Art Director** Warren Willson (WhoDo)
**Testers** [[ listed here]]

[[ getting started video]]
[[ Review]]
[[ Distrowatch mini review]] part of 3 distros reviewed
[[ 'Lucid Dreams']] video promo created with Lucid 5.1
[[ Puppy 5.1 latest development news]]
[[LucidScreenshots]] from beta development
[[ promo video]] Beta version

There are three areas of enhancement to Lucid Puppy 5.1.1. One, it is built with the Woof (Puppy Build System) released on August 22. This has a number of enhancements over the July 10 version used in LP 5.1, including: transmit and receive cumulative totals in the network tray icon, refinements to Smbclinet and smbexplorer, and more support for dial-up modems. Two, the default internal browser has been changed to a splendidly small version of Midori built by Puppy’s technosaurus. Three, there are a number of bugfixes included from Instant Update 003 (for 5.1): provides libjpeg7, laptop function keys, configures Sylpheed email, fixes USB bootflash, links fsck, Arabic and Hebrew fonts, links to libfaad and libx264 for xfce, browser link to Lupu News
[[ Release info]]

Lucid 5.1.1 ->
6e34d1bcdad74df7d6352a6d672522ec lupu-511.iso

Superseded by [[Puppy525]].

- Straight to desktop - auto setup
- Automatically connects to an Ethernet connection
- First Run dialog, easy personalisation and localisation
- Browser of choice, easy download and setup
Puppy comes with a simple browser
and then lets you choose from the best:
FireFox, Opera, Chrome or Seamonkey
- [[LucidPuppyQuickpet More QuickPet]] Puppy optimised programs
QuickPet has some of the best programs
available, even more in the Puppy package manager:
eg. GoogleEarth, Kompozer, Inkscape, Sunbird, Cinelerra and Audacity
- Icewm Window Manager included with Joes Window Manager (default)
Puppy has never been ostentatious
but we have two great window managers
and loads of great backgrounds and icon choices
for all your poodle parlour needs
- Developer access to the Ubuntu software repositories
- Language & Locale improvements
- Better enhanced Graphic driver support
- Lucid Puppy News in Quickpet
We keep you connected
to the best penguin community outside Antarctica
- Pdf printer improvements
- Synaptic touch pad configurator
- Luvcview

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{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Is Puppy Lucid 5.1 based on Ubuntu?"}}
Puppy is his own dog
We have a 'woof' building system
that allows us to build Puppy from the kernel
and binaries of other distros (pre compiled programs and libraries)
Puppy can be built from Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Arch and t2
with unique Puppy scripts, wizards and optimisation.

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Does Puppy Lucid 5.1 use some Ubuntu files?"}}
Yes indeed.
Puppy uses his own packaging systems (quickpet and pet)
Configuration and programs are Puppy specific
Lucid adds the tested efforts of some popular Ubuntu binaries.

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How should Puppy Lucid be run?"}}
Any which way you like
Once in memory, Puppy is fast whatever the method.
Run from DVD, CD, USB keydrive, SD, Hard Drive
or even in multi-session self auditing format
(files and updates saved on CD or DVD)

[[LucidPuppySFS SFS files for Lucid]]
[[LucidPuppyUpdate Lucid Puppy Update]]
[[Puppy525 Puppy 525]] later version

===Programming and compiling Devx add on===
Lucid 5.1.1 Devx ->
5d38669ca9be6572489450b470eea0c5 lupu_devx_511.sfs

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