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Luci-207 is now available. It is luci-206 with the nouveau driver removed, and a couple of small tweaks (libjpeg, improved kmybanking-plugin). Good things include improvement in the pdf printer. I was able to print from Abiword and Opera to accurate pdf documents. As Shinobar suggested, Lucid Puppy now automatically connects to an ethernet connection. Luvcview is added for web cam. The Synaptic touch pad configurator should work. CPU Frequency scaling should work, but I am not sure that it got all 4 cores or only two; it was upgraded by Barry to 1.3.3. There are more new programs in Puppy Package Manager. Quickpet is at 2.9 and looks great and speaks all the languages of the world. Browser-default can now determine what browsers are available.

I hope that luci-207 is solid, and we can see use it for a while and see what to do with the next two weeks to polish it up.

Luci-206 is still posted for anyone who wants to experiment with the nouveau driver, and perhaps figure out why it will not display in console, or more importantly, how to fix it if possible. My personal feeling about Nvidia graphics now is that luci-207 should work well enough with all nvidia cards to be able to download the Nvidia driver pet. That is sure what I would do. The open source Radeon driver seems to work quite well, providing both basic graphics and high performance. And Intel...ah, Intel.

Luci-207 development release ->

Devx ->

Luci-206 development release ->

Devx ->

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