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5.1 logo
Coordinator Larry Short (Playdayz)
Main Developer Mick Amadio (01Micko)
Art Director Warren Willson (WhoDo)
Testers listed here

Puppy 5.1 latest development news
promo video

Puppy 5.1 Beta 3


Is Puppy Lucid 5.1 based on Ubuntu
Puppy is its own dog
We have a 'woof' building system
that allows us to build Puppy from the kernel
and binaries of other distros (pre compiled programs and libraries)
Puppy can be built from Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Arch and t2
with the unique Puppy scripts included.

Does Puppy Lucid 5.1 use some Ubuntu files?
Puppy uses his own packaging systems (quickpet and pet)
Configuration, programs and wizards are Puppy specific
Lucid adds the tested efforts of some popular Ubuntu binaries.

How should Puppy Lucid be run?
Any which way you like
Once in memory, Puppy is fast.
Run from DVD, CD, USB keydrive, SD, Hard Drive
or even in multi-session self auditing format
(files and updates saved on CD or DVD)

Why does Puppy run as root?
Puppy users control their environment.
We are designed to load and run from USB or DVD (straight to desktop)
A root running live CD or DVD system remains MORE secure than
an accessible and hackable hard disk install
We are not designed for multi-user usage.
With great power (over your system) comes great responsibility
(for your data).
Puppy users take charge of their computers.

So technically Puppy is dangerous?
Very. We bypass network security and firewalls.
and are recommended by security agencies as unhackable.
What is on the CD/DVD is never compromised.
With Puppy, comes great power
in a small package

How can LPuppy Lucid 5.1 be so small and have so many programs?
We choose simple efficient programs.
Puppy is lean and muscled.
We would be smaller but other distros
are often not yet as efficient as Puppy
Using Ubuntu files (though convenient) is
a compromise.

What about tech support?
Try us.
Puppy users are loyal because our forums, wikis, IRC,
blogs and web sites are constantly updated and improved.


SFS files for Lucid
Lucid Puppy Update
Puppy 5.2 . . . coming soon
Puppy 6 . . . coming . . .


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