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Lucid 5.2 logo

5.2 is now in feature lock-down
release expected aprox. 20 Dec 2010

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About Puppy Lucid 5.2
Puppy 5.2 uses unique Puppy scripts. Puppy loads and runs fast entirely from Ram. Puppy has optimised programs and wizards.
Puppy 5.2 uses Puppy 'Woof' creation technology, allowing Puppy to be partially built from Debian and Ubuntu compiled programs and libraries. Puppy 5.2 retains the name 'Puppy Lucid' but uses 10.10 binaries from Maverick Meerkat.
Internal development used the name 'Luci'. So for example a download is called luci-242
Using Woof, Puppy can be built with packages from almost any distro.
All the underlying infrastructure, boot scripts, basically everything that makes Puppy unique, is in Woof. Above Woof, there is a layer of specialised system-level PETs that we have created ourselves, and these vary from different Puppy builds. Lucid Puppy has special system-level PETs, which contribute to making Lucid different from other Puppys built from Woof.
A Puppy can be built with packages of any other distro, as well as our own native PET application packages. Lucid Puppy 5.1 is built with Ubuntu packages, about 60% Ubuntu, 40% our PETs. Applications go on top of Woof and the system-level PET's.
Puppy is unique Puppy, different from any other distro but using some of the application packages from another distro, including the libraries. Puppy is able to install any other packages from that distro.
Puppy can be built from almost any other distro's packages also, including Debian, Slackware and Arch.

* Extensive Woof base improvements by Barry eg puppy package management, devx, sound, modem support
* Copies to ram on machines with 256MB ram
* More Puppy optimised programs in Puppy Package Manager (from ttuuxxx and others)
* Deb compatibility enhanced
* Zip e4nhancements unrar & p7zipxz - (coolpup & ttuuxxx) giving us 7z, xz, and rar
* Cpu Frequency Scaling is now manual (tazoc)
* Built from latest Woof with some Meerkat binaries
* First-run configuration Dialog (from shinobar)
* Firewallstate is in the tray (from tasmod)
* New backgrounds from Warren, extras for Icewm for download
* Gtk themes: clearlooks, crux, taqua, and xfce-dawn added (Warren)
* Pidgin replaces Ayttm instant messaging client (dejan555‘s and Coolpup)
* Latest Quickpet with SFS-getter (soon available for all Puppys) from Mick
* Window manager choice, Openbox and fbpanel window manager with JWM alternative
* KDE, Fluxbox, Xfce and Icewm for download, configured in window manager switcher
* Cpu_frequency_scaling (by iguleder) - works for quad core
* Midori Browser built in
* Extended Puppy News in Quickpet
* Compiz as an option (coming soon from smil99 with help from 01micko)
* Boot up menu, with extended options (awaiting implementation)
* Network_tray icon/Blinky themes
* Cup and Help improvements
* e2fsprogs 1.12 (recommended by coolpup)
* partview 2.1 (01micko)

Gnome-mplayer defaults now to X11 video for compatibility with all video drivers (specifically the nv driver). For higher quality, please change to the ‘xv’ driver in Edit -> Preferences. Of course, it might be good also to update to the higher performance driver in Quickpet -> Drivers.
Thumbnails are turned off by default. To turn them on, Right-Click on an icon and choose Rox-Riler -> Options.

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