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Puppy 5.2 uses Puppy scripts, Puppy run from Ram speed, Puppy enhanced programs and wizards.
Puppy 5.2 is a woof build (Puppy creation technology, allowing Puppy to be partially built from Slackware, Debian and Ubuntu compiled programs and libraries)
Puppy 5.2 retains the name 'Puppy Lucid' but also uses 10.10 or Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu files. Internal development used the name 'Luci'.
Compiled with Ubuntu 10.10 binaries from Maverick offering high compatibility

Lucid Maverick on Puppy forum
Video promo
Lucid Tips

Luci-233 ->
085dbc1b40e252913ab726ce4455fe20 luci-233.iso
b9cd168e55c16e536b5b97bc3ce571cb luci_devx_233.sfs

* First-run wizard (courtesy of shinobar)
* Newest Quickpet (soon available for all Puppys) from Mick
" One-click" install of sfs (squash files) programs
* Openbox and fbpanel window manager
* Alternate window manager with more for download
* Cpu_frequency_scaling by iguleder--works for quad core
* Lean-profile full-feature chat client (jemimah is helping)
* Midori Browser
* Built from latest Woof and Meerkat binaries
" Window manager of choice (similar to Quickpet browser choice)
* More QuickPet Puppy optimised programs
* Extended Puppy News in Quickpet
* Compiz as an option (coming soon from 01mick)
* Boot up menu, with extended options
* Network_tray icon/Blinky themes
* gtk themes: clearlooks, crux, taqua, and xfce-dawn added
* Cup and Help improvements

Why does Puppy run as root?
Puppy users control their environment.
We are designed to load and run from USB or DVD (straight to desktop)
A root running live CD or DVD system remains MORE secure than
an accessible and hackable hard disk install
We are not designed for multi-user deployment.
With great power (over your system) comes great responsibility
(for your data).
Puppy users take charge of their computers.

So technically, Puppy is dangerous?
Very. We bypass network security and firewalls
Recommended by security agencies as unhackable when running from DVD
Programs on the CD/DVD are never compromised.
With Puppy, comes great power
in a small package

How can Puppy Luci 5.2 be so small and have so many programs?
We choose simple efficient programs.
Puppy is lean Linux muscle, compressed and expanded
on the fly.
We would be smaller but other distros packages
are not as efficient as Puppy
Using Ubuntu 'Maverick Meerkat' files, though convenient,
is a compromise.

What about tech support?
Try us.
Puppy users are loyal because our forums, wikis, IRC,
blogs and web sites are constantly friendly, updated and improved

Puppy Maverick
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