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Puppy 5 Frugal Install to Harddrive

Puppy Linux, unlike most operating systems, can live contained on a few files, and can live on a windows or a different linux's partition.

To install to a windows partition, see these instructions.

To install to a empty partition, use the Universal Installer, in Menu -> Setup -> Universal Installer.

To install to a linux partition, add Puppy Linux to menu.lst.

This is an example Puppy Linux entry for GRUB legacy: (change hd0,0 to where puppy is located, if it's not on the first partition)
title Puppy Linux 526
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz pmedia=atahd
initrd /initrd.gz

This is an example Puppy Linux entry for GRUB4DOS:
title Puppy Linux 526
find --set-root --ignore-floppies /Puppy-Linux-526/initrd.gz
kernel /Puppy-Linux-526/vmlinuz psubdir="Puppy-Linux-526"
initrd /Puppy-Linux-526/initrd.gz

This is an example Puppy Linux entry for GRUB2:
menuentry "Puppy Linux 526" {
linux /Puppy-Linux-526/vmlinuz --
initrd /Puppy-Linux-526/initrd.gz

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