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Installing Puppy Linux to a Live CD is easy. You will need:

- a CD/DVD (+R, -R, +RW or -RW)
- a CD/DVD burner (a CD burner can only burn CD's, but a DVD burner can burn both)
- a Puppy Linux ISO

If you are running Puppy Linux, you can use Pburn to burn an ISO to disk.

1. First, make sure you have a burnable CD/DVD in your disk drive, and that your disk drive is NOT mounted.
2. Run Pburn from the menu. (Menu -> Multimedia -> Pburn)
3. If this is the first time you have used Pburn, it will ask for your disk drive that you wish to use. Select it and click OK.
4. Select "Burn ISO-image" in the top left, and browse to where you downloaded the ISO.
5. Unless, for some reason, you have to have a closed disk, select "Multisession".
6. Click the burn icon in the bottom right.

If you are running Windows, you can use [[ ImgBurn]] to burn an ISO to disk.
1) Run ImgBurn from the start menu.
2) Click "Write image file to disk".
3) Beside "Please select a file", click the "Browse for a file..." icon (a folder with a magnifying glass) and browse to the ISO you downloaded.
4) Select your CD/DVD burner in the drop down menu, and make sure "Verify" is checked.
5) Make sure the "Write Speed" is 1x, and "Copies" is 1. (unless you want more then 1 copy)
6) Insert a CD or DVD into your drive
7) Click "Write" (the big button).

To run Puppy Linux from a Live-CD or Live-DVD:
1) Make sure the CD/DVD is in the drive, and that the computer is off.
2) Turn on your computer, and see if Puppy Linux boots.
3) If Puppy Linux doesn't run, read [[ This]].
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