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Puppy Luci boots straight to desktop - Now what?
Did you set settings for locales and keyboard - do it.

Hey my Internet is not connected?
OK not using Ethernet?
then click on the connect icon
Follow the instructions

Which browser should I use?
Luci has a built in browser, fast and simple
Extra downloads include
but Firefox
Seamonkey includes a n HTML editor and Email client
Opera - small and efficient with email client
Chrome - still being optimised but cutting edge

What extra software do I need?
Probably none - Puppy has loads

Do I need a graphics driver?
The GL graphic drivers
Click on Quickpet and drivers

Should I customise?
Of course, if you like.
Menu / Desktop / Desktop settings / WM Switcher

Do I need java?
Not usually

Should I pimp my browser?
Oh yeah - they all have add ons

How do I compile and develop in Puppy?
Use Devx

How do I know what programs I have installed in Luci?
Use the package manager and notice the list of installed software
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