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Puppy Luci boots straight to desktop - Now what?
Did you set settings for locales and keyboard?

Hey my Internet is not connected?
Not using Ethernet?
Click on the connect icon
Follow the instructions to choose from great browsers

Which browser should I use?
Luci has a built in browser, fast and simple
Extra downloads include
Seamonkey includes a n HTML editor and Email client
Opera - small and efficient with email client
Chrome - still being optimised but cutting edge

What extra software do I need?
Probably none - Puppy has loads

Do I need a graphics driver?
The GL graphic drivers for extra speed
Click on Quickpet and drivers

Should I customise?
Of course.
Menu / Desktop / Desktop settings / WM Switcher

Do I need java?
Not usually

Should I pimp my browser?
Oh yeah - they all have add ons

How do I compile and develop in Puppy?
Use Devx

How do I know what programs I have installed in Luci?
Use the package manager and notice the list of installed software
Be careful now - just click and they uninstall
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