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Lucid 5.2 logo

Puppy Luci boots straight to desktop - Now what?
Did you set settings for locales and keyboard?

Hey my Internet is not connected?
Not using Ethernet?
Click on the connect icon
Follow the instructions to choose from great browsers

Which browser should I use?
Lucid has a Dillo browser built in, fast and simple but no javascript
Extra downloads include
Seamonkey includes an HTML editor and Email client
Opera - small and efficient with email client
Chrome - still being optimised but cutting edge
Iron - Chrome with security enhancements

What extra software do I need?
Probably none - Puppy has loads, maybe chat and bit torrent (transmission)

Do I need a graphics driver?
The GL graphic drivers for extra speed
Click on Quickpet and drivers

Should I customise?
Of course.
Menu / Desktop / Desktop settings / WM Switcher

Do I need java?
Not usually

Should I pimp my browser?
Oh yeah - they all have add ons

How do I compile and develop in Puppy?
Use Devx. Go to SFS in Quickpet and click the button. Reboot.
You now have C and Bacon and Vala program languages

How do I know what programs I have installed in Luci?
Use the package manager and notice the list of installed software
Be careful now - one click and they uninstall

What is this Puppy called?
It is called Lucid Puppy5.2
During development the name Luci was used for ISO releases
Any meerkats are a reference to 'Maverick Meerkat' Ubuntu 10:10 binaries
Development downloads are sometimes called Lupu

Why does Puppy run as root?
Puppy users control their environment.
We are designed to load and run from USB or DVD (straight to desktop)
A root running live CD or DVD system remains MORE secure than
an accessible and hackable hard disk install
We are not designed for multi-user deployment.
With great power (over your system) comes great responsibility
(for your data).
Puppy users take charge of their computers.

So technically, Puppy is dangerous?
Very. We bypass network security and firewalls
We can repair an edit other operating systems files such as Windows 7
bypassing administrator limitations
Recommended by security agencies as unhackable when running from DVD
Programs on the CD/DVD are never compromised.
With Puppy, comes great potential
in a small package

How can Puppy Lucid 5.2 be so small and have so many programs?
We choose simple efficient programs.
Puppy is lean Linux muscle power, compressed and expanded
on the fly.
Puppy would be smaller but using convenient .deb ready compiled binaries packages
are not as efficient as Puppy compilation optimisations.
Using Ubuntu 'Maverick Meerkat' files, though convenient,
is a compromise.

What about tech support?
Try us.
Puppy users are loyal because our forums, wikis, IRC,
blogs and web sites are constantly friendly, updated and improved

What about higher performance drivers?
Gnome-mplayer defaults now to X11 video for compatibility with all video drivers (specifically the nv driver). For higher quality, please change to the ‘xv’ driver in Edit -> Preferences. Of course, it might be good also to update to the higher performance driver in Quickpet -> Drivers.

What about Thumbnails?
Thumbnails are turned off by default. To turn them on:
Right-Click on an icon and choose Rox-Filer -> Options -> Thumbnails -> click box show image thumbnails

How do I turn a group of pets to custom sfs?
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