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What I envision is a stable puppy based on the latest Slackware-13.37 (due any day now) optimised for size and speed which can run on an old clunker (say a p3 600, 256 RAM) and the latest 64 bit arch machines, while supporting a wide range of internal and peripheral hardware Mick Amadio

Mick Amadio (01mick - main support developer on Lucid) Unconfirmed Chief Developer
Jay (puppyLuvr) - Compiling something...A cute GUI...backgrounds and icons...themes
Nooby, dejan555 - testing
Iguleder - ideas and creativity ... maybe some packages and code
sc0ttman - a few GUIs, make a few PETs, testing, etc...
Lobster - promotion/publicity

Promotional video

Audio Pawedcast
ogg format aprox. 3MB better quality
MP3 format aprox. 3MB

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