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There are plenty of underlying changes. We won't worry about that, just focus on finding and fixing bugs. Micko

Slacko = Official Puppy 5.3

Puppy 5.3 Beta 2 Available

'Slacko' = ISO name, 'Spot' = original code name

Features 0f 5.3 (known as Spup 'Slacko' during development)
The choice of which distro's packages are used is not really up to me. It is really a question of who will "run with the ball". playdayz had the determination and stamina to bring Lucid Puppy to release status and to coordinate a series of upgrades. Now he wants a rest and that is well-earned.
It was playdayz who choose Ubuntu packages, and the choice for the next Puppy (5.3) is also up to whoever is going to manage it.
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