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====Slacko 5.3.3====
~**Slacko 5.3.3** is an improved version of [[Puppy53 Slacko 5.3.1]] with the newer 3.1.10 kernel. Superseded by [[Slacko54]].

~To install download an appropriate ISO and use the desired [[InstallationIndex installation method]]. There are 2 iso images, one supports up to 4G RAM and one supports up to 64G RAM
~[[ Slacko 5.3.3 forum thread]]

== Puppy 5.3.3 Features ==
~Slacko Puppy 5.3.3
~Slacko Puppy Linux 5.3.3 is an update release of the recent 5.3.1. It has binary compatibility with Slackware-13.37, which simply means that it is a Puppy built with packages from the Slackware, Salix and Slacky repositories.
~The main version has been upgraded with kernel 3.1.10 compiled with [[Aufs]], layered file system support, in the typical Puppy manner. There is also a PAE version to cater for machines with large amounts of RAM. Both iso images have SCSI boot support.
~The [[SeaMonkey Seamonkey-2.9.1]] suite is the default browser and email suite but [[Firefox]], [[Chromium]], [[Opera]], [[Netsurf]], [[Iron]],[[Dillo]] and [[Links]] are only a few clicks away.
~Minimum system requirements for the main version are an i686 processor, 900MHZ, with 256MB RAM. For the PAE version a slightly newer processor may be needed as most but not all processors support PAE.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[SlickPet]] - Install most popular packages
~[[LupufySlacko]] - Various utilities from Lucid for Slacko

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Slacko Homepage]]
~[[ Slacko 5.3.3 forum thread]]

==Related Software webpages==
~[[ Chromium 18]] in built Flash
~[[ Squeak and Scratch]] Novel Programming languages
~[[ Namoroka 3.6.26]], it was just released on Feb 1 2012
~I find it works well in this slacko beta, it's approx 11mb in size.
~[[ Srware Iron 16]]
~Built with Chromium open-source code disabling some "privacy intrusions" that are in Google Chrome. Chrome versus Iron -> ~
~[[ Google Chrome 16]]
~[[ TOR-Project Browser bundle]] For anonymous browsing, complete with Firefox 9.0.1, HTTPS: Everywhere, and No Script.
~[[ Pharo]] Smalltalk language
~[[ mtpaint 3.40]]
~[[ IceWM]]
~[[ wbar]] from [[CatDude]]
~[[ Compiz]]
~[[ pets]] from Iguleder
~[[ Console apps]] from Iguleder
~[[ Openshot 1.4]] and other new programs available
~[[ KDE]] Trinity SFS
~[[ Chromium 15]]
~[[ From Lucid to Slacko]] compatible add-ons
~[[ Free Pascal]]
~[[ Flash Update]] pet to update [[Flash]]
~[[ Mandelbulber]] 3d fractal generator
~[[ PupSysInfo-1.4]] System Info from Radky
~[[ Goggles Music Manager]]
~[[ an sfs containing Maxima, Octave and R and gnuplot]]
~Additional components are gcl, tcl and tk (version 8.5) and some gfortran libraries.
~A 10 October 2011 v1.2 of [[puppyphone Puppy Phone]] has been compiled with Slacko and works well
~Click on the red phone icon [[ DOWNLOAD]] or download with [[SlickPet]]
~[[ Fortran compiler for puppy 5 Slacko gfortran 4.5.2 (made from slackware package)]]
~[[ coolpups java 1.7]] seems to work ok with [[Seamonkey]] - menu entry for the [[java]] control panel in Utility
~[[ LaTex Typesetting]] from Emil
~[[ Numerical mathematics - MATLAB compatible]] from Emil
~[[ Flash update]] from Tman
~[[ Nvidia driver with glx in SFS]] from Shinobar
~[[ fast lisp compiler]] from Emil
~[[ Updated advert blocker]] from Scottman
~**Computer Algebra** compiled in slacko RC by emil:
~Tempestuous' extra **wireless firmware for the ath9k_htc driver** (which is already present by default in the kernel) is apparently not included though, as my TP-Link TL-WN821Nv3 USB dongle was not detected. See:
~Installing that .pet worked, but I had to get online first to be able to access it, so having the firmware included from the get go would be great.
~[[ Zensound binaural Beats]]
~[[ Timed recorder]]
~[[ VLC]]

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