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Slacko homepage
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Slacko Main Page

What is Slacko?
Slacko is a series of Puppy releases (5.3+ with the code name Slacko), uses the latest Puppy Woof 2 build code, programs and scripts. It has high Slackware binary software packages compatibility (hence is a Spup). It was created by the lead developer Micko and the community. Including months of testing, upgrades and updates. Includes hardware recognition, programs and scripts unique to Puppy. (Not to be confused with Barry's Precise Puppy 5.4x).

Slacko Puppy 5.3.3 offers something for everyone, whether for work or play, all in under 115 megabytes!

Slacko releases
Slacko 5.4 - Slackware 14 compatibility thread

Slacko 5.3.3 - thread
Slacko 5.3.1 - Slackware 13.37 compatibility

Slacko Derivatives

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