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Compile stuff please. post pet.specs, make sure it's compiled in Slacko! Micko

alpha 3

Development threads
Time Line
Things to test
Developers New Developers/testers click here
Mick Amadio - Chief Developer (01micko - main support developer on Lucid)
Jay (puppyLuvr) - Compiling something ... A cute GUI ... backgrounds and icons...themes
Iguleder - SFS, E17, fonts, compiling
Sszindian - Cloud support
Ttuuxxx I would be willing to support this release ... should be almost 100% compatible and about 10% smaller
Nooby, dejan555, Tasgarth, withoutpity, wuwei, Stripe, James C, aarf, rcrsn51, dawnsboy, peebee, bigpup, 8-bit, Jim1911 - testing
sc0ttman - a few GUIs, make a few PETs, testing, etc...
Lobster - promotion/publicity, wiki
Ian Milgrew - I would love to support Puppy 5.3 so just let me know how I can help and I'll do the best that I can.
Scsijon - You can add me in somewhere, testing, those few apps I 'package', a spare site to host the alphas/betas to spread the load, anything else I can do.
Playdayz - I have already helped Mick by making a slackware pet for the ATI Catalyst driver, and I will help in the process as a tester.
TubeGuy - Logo idea, need feedback!

Older development threads
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