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To Do
alpha 3

Things to test
Older development threads
Coordinator - Mick Amadio (01micko)

Developers, contributors and testers
MinHundHettePerro, zigbert, James C, Daves, Stripe, playdayz, Lobster, Jim1911, rodin.s, pemasu, Iguleder, Billtoo, BarryK, mavrothal, gcmartin, rcrsn51, shinobar, Tasgarth, mave, jim3630, 666philb, emil, 8-bit, Tman, tempestuous, tasmod, charlie6, sszindian, cowboy, Jades, sc0ttman, Stu90, ttuuxxx, futwerk, pacer106, Brown Mouse, aarf, peebee, wuwei, mikeslr, JonT, Sage, Jasper, majorfoo, eternal-sunshine, bigpup, tubeguy, chrismt, Ray MK, grump, john3voltas, Roy, jpeps, Volhout, Puppeteer, Icyos, nooby, Sylvander, JackWagon,2ManyDogs, otropogo, soundNICK, MoebusNet, tater, L18L and many others.

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