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====Slacko 5.4====
~**Slacko 5.4** is an improved version of [[Puppy533 Slacko 5.3.3]]. Built with the latest [[Woof]] from Slackware 14.0 binary packages. Superseded by [[Slacko55]].

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~To install download an appropriate ISO and use the desired [[InstallationIndex installation method]]. There are 2 iso images, one supports up to 4G RAM and one supports up to 64G RAM ([[PAE]])
~[[ download page]]

~New [[SFS]] Manager
~New Updates Manager - to get the latest Slackware security fixes
~New kernels following LTS branches
~Improved graphics support, with KMS and Mesa
~Proprietary video driver upgrades available for Nvidia and AMD/ATI graphics
~Internationalization improvements

==Related Webpages==
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~[[ Release notes]]
~[[ Annoucement on Barry's Blog]]
~[[ Slacko-5.4 feedback and bug reports]]

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