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Puppy from Scratch
5.1 to 6

I have used the name P6
and focused on the idea of 'Puppy from Scratch'
because 3 of our developers are interested in this approach

We can start from a bootstrapping ISO
As far as I can tell the candidates are Ttuuxxxs 214x
Technosaurus 4.4 beta
and a woof built Quirky or Wary
They seem the most likely to be a practical agreed basis

That is where we have to start from
an agreed basis

I feel Wary (to be released aprox. today) would be a good choice
This is where the new ISO is compiled/bootstrapped from,
so a working devx is required

I have used the original Puppy goals

* Load and run totally in RAM
* Easily install to USB, Zip or hard drive media.
* Run from CD or DVD
* Booting from CD or DVD, save everything back to the CD
* Booting from USB Flash drive, minimise writes to extend life indefinitely
* Extremely friendly for Linux newbies
* Boot up and run extraordinarily fast
* Have all the applications needed for daily use
* Will just work, no hassles
* Will breathe new life into old PCs

Bootstrap ISO (to be announced)
Puppy Base Layout
Every Puplet and wooflet uses slightly different layout of menus
for consistency we will try to establish a 'standard'
Community contributions
Control center
There are several control centers - in dpup, Dude etc
Browser choice, window manager choice
Xcowsay messaging
for dialog and other messaging

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