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Puppy 6

Developers Iguleder; Ttuuxxx, Joe (BigBass), Technosaurus
Testers Stripe, Lobster, 8bit

'I can help with the graphics, and compile a great portion of the apps
needed once a barebones base has been created
and make some scripts aesthetically pleasing to the eyes'
Jeff (Ttuuxxx)

'The kernel makes the OS, the packages make the distro
creative people make it happen in real time'

'I can only offer limited help with testing further along'

Cool dog.
Great project.
The world's most wonderful developers.
Could it get any better?

Go Dawgs!

Part 1: Making the Puppy
Step 1
Create a bootstrap development environment

Step 2
Perfect the build system

Step 3
Compile Packages

* Compile from scratch for maximum speed and performance
* Create a new build system that supports multiple platforms, with a user friendly package manager, and a well stocked repository

Potential Features:
* Flash -lite
* Replace Rox with PcmanFM
* CompCache compressed RAM
* This sort of 'instant SFS' approach

Part 2: Testing the Puppy and cutting out the fat
* Should work out of the box, with quick links to get started
* Should try to be under 100 MB, possibly with a "fatted" version that is slightly larger
* A list of programs and sizes should be made to show where the fat can be cut
* Should be amazingly fast with very few background processes
* Should boot to a desktop as fast as possible, possibly backgrounding some loading scripts

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