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See also: [[ WxBasic]], [[ WxBasicscript]],

== ""Overview of PuppyBasic"" ==

[[ PuppyBasic]] is the new name for [[ WxBasicscript]], which is a simplified version of [[WxBasic]]. Mark Ulrich added new functions for the Linux platform.---[[ PuppyBasic]] offers some "pre-defined" dialogs to make it simple to make simple GUI applications. It is currently version 2.5

Amish is currently working on writing a manual for [[ PuppyBasic]]

== Tutorials ==;

=="" New in [[ PuppyBasic]] V2.5""==

changes to wxBasic:
New file xwin.c It is included in main.c
The functions from this file were added to builtin.h

Other changes:

Changes are marked with:
//changed code//

The change in main.c allows to execute wxBasic-commands without passing a filename, like:
puppybasic2 -e 'a=1:b=2:c=a+b:print c'

To compile [[ PuppyBasic]], run:

This creates a [[ PuppyBasic]]-2.5.tar.gz that can be installed as alien Package in Puppylinux, or extracted to all Linuxsystems that meet these dependencies:
sh-3.00# ldd wxbasicscript => (0xffffe000) => /lib/ (0x40014000)--- => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x4003a000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x40042000)--- => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x4005a000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x40148000)--- => /lib/ (0x4015d000)
/lib/ (0x40000000)--- => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x40269000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x4026d000)--- => /lib/ (0x40272000) => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x40276000)--- => /usr/X11R7/lib/ (0x402c6000)

==== [[ PuppyBasic]] use: ====

* wxbasicscript included standard in Puppy 1.0.5 and greater
* Write your program using a text editor (even Leafpad / Beaver) into a file with the .wxbs extension;
* Change to executable with ROX

==== Running Programs ====

**How does one execute a wxbasic program?** **Do you just type 'wxbasic [filename]'?**

When in Puppy any file with the extension **.wxbs** would be interpreted as a runnable program

You can also run any text file manually as a BASIC progam, with either of these command formats:
# puppybasic helloworld
# wxbasicscript helloworld

For now use rxvt
Create a program in a text editor and save for example


Tutorial for Puppy 1.0.5 wxBasic - Lobster Sep 2005, uses PuppyBasic script created by Mark Ulrich
include "/usr/lib/wxbasicscript/"
result = xmessage ( "-buttons About_Basic,Lesson1,Lesson2,Lesson3,Reference Welcome to the Puppy wxBasic Tutorial Please choose" )
xmessage ( result )
MSG = ""
if result = "About_Basic" then MSG = "you chose about"
if result = "Lesson1" then MSG = "you chose Lesson 1"
if result = "Lesson2" then MSG = "you chose Lesson 2"
if result = "Lesson3" then MSG = "you chose Lesson 3"
if result = "Reference" then MSG = "you chose Reference"
if result = nothing then MSG = "you closed the window"
xmessage ( MSG )


Running the code:
#wxbasicsh helloworld.wxbs (you must have wxbasicscript - details to follow shortly - this page being developed)
wxbasicsh myprogram.wxbsh

You also might add the line
to your program file as the first line to main.wxb, and make it executable:
chmod 755 main.wxb

Then you can start it like a "main.exe":
(or click on it in rox)

Lines beginning with are comments and will be ignored during execution.

Take existing applications, and modify to your needs.

To start, this might be easier:

The main concept:
You have a shellscript, that runs "main.pb" in the /resource -folder.
main.pb basically just displays xxx.tpl, which is the grafical user-interface (GUI).

In the Gui you can see Button-definitions. When a button is clicked, a shell-command or a script is executed, that creates a textfile in /tmp. Then the textarea is refreshed, that's to say it reloads the textfile.

This is right the concept you would need. To determine, if the webserver is running, you might need a shell-command like:
ps|grep httpd >/tmp/httpdcheck.txt

In puppybasic, you execute it like this:
shell( "ps|grep httpd >/tmp/httpdcheck.txt" )

Then you have to open that file, and check if it is empty ot not. If it is not empty, the webserver is running. This method is not 100% exact, but should do it usually. [[ PuppyBasic aka Wxbasicscript]]
It will be installed together with the example:

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