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=====Puppy Linux 5 review=====

Puppy 5 is based on a project called Woof which is designed to assemble a Puppy Linux distribution from the packages of other Linux distributions. Woof includes some binaries and software derived from Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, T2 SDE, or Arch repositories. Puppy 5 came with a stripped down version of the Midori browser to be used for reading help files and a choice of web browsers to be installed, including Chromium, Firefox, SeaMonkey Internet Suite, Iron and Opera.

Puppy 5 introduced [[LucidPuppyQuickpet Quickpet]].


Here is my experience with puppy 5 series

What I will talk about below is the several ubuntu based puplets as ubuntu seems to be the main track.

Lupu is not a bad idea for a puppy Linux os. It can run applications from another bigger os (ubuntu). In theory this is a good idea as it will potentially run them better using a lighter base. and pupy linux does not need to wright the applications them selves.
Things are not quite that simple. In my experience the default install of lupu works great without much hassel on many computers. But there is a issue when it comes to installing the ubuntu applications that lupu was designed to run.
First we must realise that lupu is not Ubuntu and it lacks a lot of the basic things that the default Ubuntu os would have. So when you install a ubuntu .deb application you need to install the missing dependencies along with the application itself. This may seem to also work fine for a lot of applications. Now installing many ubuntu apps this is where things get really messed up it can overload the puppy Linux os and result in it becoming unstable to the point of breaking completely needing a reinstall or new save file. It is virtually impossible to just uninstall individual applications and there individual dependencies altogether.

Also installing a lot of ubuntu apps results in the puppy os itself becoming Bloated. By bloated I mean that is becomes slower and more unstable.

Remember that puppy Linux was always designed to run on older computers hence the os needs to be small and efficient to do so. All version up to 431 and definitely the new quirky series fit this moddel.

So you may by all means continue to run lupu or another puppy 5 version. Just remember that you may run into some of these issues I have along the way.

there have been several versions of lupu created now and things are advancing in a good way. there are now custom .pet apps (.pets are puppy linux specific application installers). Find any that have lucid .pet or just .pet [[ click here]] and for general Woof pets that should work [[ click here ]]

So is this the best puppy os for you.

Install ubuntu apps at your own risk. not all of them will work. remember if you really want to run ubuntu applications consider installing ubuntu itself the applications are designed to run in there native ubuntu os.

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