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==== Puppy Menu ====
~The **Puppy Menu** has links for the most frequently used software and tools.
~It can be accessed in the following ways:
~~-clicking on the 'Menu'/'Puppy face' button on the //[[panels panel's]]// left-hand side
~~-by right-clicking the [[desktop]].
~~-by pressing F12 (in [[JWM]])
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~When the [[Desktop desktop]] is empty and few windows are opened, it is more convenient to open it by right-clicking the [[Desktop desktop]], because most if its area is free. However, when many windows are open, it is hard to find where to right-click it, so the button is more useful in such cases.
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~The **menu** is sorted by application categories. For instance, applications that deal with graphics are contained inside the "**Graphic**" sub-menu and internet-related applications can be found under "**Internet**".
~To start an application, enter its sub-menu by moving your mouse on it, then, click the application's name or icon once to start it.
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