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How are we organized?

Project Statement by Barry Kauler
Puppy is organised as an Emergent Doacracy by resource e.g. website domain, CMS, chatroom.
Or by project e.g. Language support, documentation, puplet, release version
Each project always has one primary facilitator. Primary facilitators always welcome help

Main Developers
No longer active:

Derivative Developers
John Biles - Creator of TeenPup and LegacyOS
scsijon - Creater of QtPuppy
RSH - Creator of LazyPuppy

John Murga/Judge Dredd owner - location unknown
Flash works at organizing the forum with full admin status
Beem, Aitch - admins

MU -Germany

Raffy - owner, server admin, software upgrades
Darkcity - admin
Coolpup - admin
Ed Jason (Lobster) ed.jason at - admin

Puppy Community Website
Rufino Mananghaya (Raffy, RaffyM) - Philippines, raffymn at
Prithish - US

French Puppy
Vietnamese Puppy
other language support see front page

Josh Reynolds (J_Rey, JeyRey) - Pensacola, FL, USA

Also see

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