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====Puppy Linux Organization====

~Essential reading is the [[ Project Statement]] by [[BarryK Barry Kauler]].
~Puppy Development is organized as an [[ Emergent Doacracy]]. Some arrangements are by resource e.g. website domain, CMS, Forum, chatroom. Others are by project e.g. [[NativeLanguageSupport Language support]], documentation, puplet, release version.
~Historically each project always has had one primary facilitator. Facilitators always welcome constructive help, contact them directly with your ideas.

==Main Developers==
~[[BarryK Barry Kauler]] - P.O. Box 359, Perenjori, WA 6620, Australia - Creator of Puppy [[]]
~[[01micko]] - Puppy 5.3 '[[Slacko]]', programs eg [[pRadio]] and [[pupTelly]],
~Larry (playdayz) Puppy Lucid
~Jemimah - developing [[Saluki]], created [[Puppeee]] and Fluppy
~Ttuuxxx - compiling, coding
~Iguleder - compiling, experimental ISO
~Kirk and Jamesbond - Puppy [[Fatdog]] 64bit
~Gilbert (Amigo) Creating new Puppy programs
~Sigmund (Zigbert) creating new Puppy programs
~Rerwin (Richard) - module preferences
~//[[PuppyVersion Derivative]] developers-//
~[[JohnBiles John Biles]] - Creator of TeenPup and [[LegacyOS]]
~scsijon - Creater of [[QtPuppy]]
~[[RSH]] - Creator of [[LazyPuppy]]
~//No longer as active-//
~Guy (Gposil) Australia [[Dpup Dpup]] Puppy 5 [[]]
~[[MarkUlrich Mark Ulrich]] (MU) developed PuppyBasic and has created many, many new dotpups (superceded by .pets) and Muppy
~[[Pizzasgood]] - USA - misc. apps and wizards, occasional puplets

==Forum Maintainers==
~//[[| Puppy Forum]] maintainers://
~John Murga/Judge Dredd owner - location unknown
~Flash works at organizing the forum with full admin status
~Beem, Aitch - admins
~//[[Repositories|Software Repository]] maintainers://
~[[MU]] - Germany, maintains [[]]

==Wiki maintainers==
~//[[WikiIndex Wikka wiki]] maintainers://
~[[RaffyM Raffy]] - owner, server admin, software upgrades
~[[Darkcity]] - admin
~Coolpup - admin
~[[CrustyLobster Ed Jason (Lobster) ed.jason at]] - admin

==Puppy Community Website maintainers==
~[[RaffyM Rufino Mananghaya]] (Raffy, RaffyM) - Philippines, raffymn at maintains [[]]
~Prithish - US

==IRC maintainers==
~Josh Reynolds (J_Rey, JeyRey) - Pensacola, FL, USA maintains [[PuppyLinuxIRC]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[License Puppy Linux License]]
~[[Organizations GNU/Linux Organizations]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ How the Puppy project is run]]
~[[ French Puppy]]
~[[ Vietnamese Puppy]]
~[[ Graphics]]

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