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Welcome to Psippy


Latest News
Next conference call on Sunday October 23 2011 at 1300h GMT daylight saving time
Fatdog 5.2 Final has Puppy Phone 1.2
a 15 October 2011 v1.2 has been compiled and works well on Slacko
Puppy Phone 1.1 added to Woof
Version 1.3 is being worked on. Program size is being optimised. Testing continues.

Click on the red phone icon

Manual Puppy Phone v 1.2 Manual

Puppy phone
Soft phone (using wifi or modem to phone to other sip numbers for free phone calls)
Paid calls to any landline or mobiles also possible. Sip enabled devices = free.

From the menu item Iptel, click on conference to enter
should work through modem

  1. Ensure working sound and Mic (Wizard coming soon)
  2. Right click on the speaker icon (bottom right of Puppy desktop)
    Select 'full Window' to ensure mic is turned on and working
  3. Register Sip address
  4. Iptel Free Sip Account recommended
  5. Configure PSIP with registered details
  6. It is suggested you register and use iptel as this has voice-mail and conference facility
    when putting in details:
    sip URL: (your iptel registered name replaces 'lobster')
    registrar URL:
  7. Use the test call features of Puppy Phone
Echo (should hear mic 'echo' in headphones) and music tests
  1. Use Puppy Phone as soft phone
  2. Click on contact and call

Calling groups of people
  1. Either you can call and key-in your own "room" number - if the "room" is empty, it become yours.
  2. you can host your own "conference bridge", the partyline now works, you can call up to 32 persons simultaneously, and everyone in the call will hear each other. If you need more than 32 calls, one of the participant can start their own bridge too, that will add another 32 calls, and so on and so on - the number is really *unlimited*.

Note: is setup as default when you start Puppy Phone for the first time. (ie no .psip.conf).

Contacts to phone use add friend feature

Iptel Free Sip Account
Ekiga Free Sip Account
Using Ekiga
Pjsip Website
Pjsip Blog
Csipsimple Android version of Pjsip
Sipbroker allows connections between different sip providers
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