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<< {{color text="New" c="red"}} [[ Youtube Masterclass]]
[[ Linux for Absolute Beginners]]
[[ Linux is better]]

**Installing [[ Puppy Linux]]**
[[ Installing]] in plain English
Technical info [[UsingPuppy Download and run]]

**Puppy Basics**
[[ Beginners info]]
[[ Basic tutorial and manual]]
[[ Intro video]] from Linuceum

**Security Briefing**
[[ Youtube version]]
[[Security Security Info]]

**Video tutorials**
[[ IcyOS]] Puppy tutorials
[[TutorialYouTube Video]] tutorials
[[PuppyLinuxSearchEngine Puppy Search Engine]]

[[ Ref table]]
{{color text="New" c="red"}} [[DevFavorites Advanced development tools]]<<
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>> **[[PuppySchoolProgramming Programming Dept]]** Hacker School
{{color text="New" c="red"}} [[PuppySchoolRaspberryPi Raspberrian Pi kitchen]]
[[PuppySchoolArt Art Dept]]
[[Education Puppy in Education]]
[[OpenUniversity Open University]] support from Puppy
//Help on [[ the forum]], [[ChatRoom IRC chatroom]] or [[PuppyPhone soft phone]]//

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//[[ Puppy Linux in School]] Lab at Novara, Italy//>>

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