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====Puppy School - ""RaspberryPi""====

**What is Puppi?**
[[ Puppi]] is Puppy running on the [[ Raspberry Pi ARM motherboard]]

**What Puppi centric news is available?**
[[ Python, Puppy and Raspberry Pi blog]] from Antiloquax and Lobster
Once Puppy is solidly on Pi, we will add drivers for [[PARM other PARM devices]]>>

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**What SD cards should I use?**
The Rpi Foundation recommend Class 4 and above (10 is the highest)
If no class number it will probably not work.
Barry recommends Class 6 as a minimum.
Barry is trying to minimise SD read/writes in Puppi SAP.
Even the same brand of Class 4 can be temperamental.
Transcend brand SD cards have been recommended.

**How reliable is the hardware?**
[[ verified hardware]]

**How soon before Puppi is on the Raspberry Pi?**
Beta 1 available soon - see news section
Barry (has board), Micko has board, Raffy (has board), Antiloquax (two boards), Mark G, John Murga (has board), Lobster (has board), Rolf has board, Shadow (has board) and others have boards on order or just arriving.

**I can not get a Raspberry Pi yet. Can I still try out/test Puppi SAP?**
Waiting list on pre orders is still aprox 6 weeks
[[ Use Qemu]] for now

**Can I burn SD img files from a Mac?**
[[ Granny Smith - she say 'bite away']]

**How to do I use Mtpaint screenshot?**
See the info on installing favourite Puppy programs
When installed Mtpaint is in your LX menu under graphics
The screenshot facility in Mtpaint is under File/Actions/Time delayed screenshot

**What the ffffffffff?**
If you are getting strange auto-repeats or other weird behaviour try plugging the USB keyboard or other device directly into the Rpi, or use a powered hub.

**Does sound work?**
We are trying to trace anomalies. Use powered speakers from Rpi headphone socket. With Rox drag ivy.mp3r in puppy reference/audio into an open mplayer.

**What if I am American?**
[[ americanizing the raspberry pi]]

**Can I have Raspberry PI FAQS?**
**[[ Buying Guide]]**
After developers, testers and users have Pi hardware, we can move towards the first mainstream ARM Raspberry Puppi ISO
[[ Puppy artwork]] (already available), wiki and forum support etc.
[[ Raspberry Pi hardware commitment]]
[[ RPi Broadcom graphics info]]
[[ RPi Chip manual]]

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