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Puppy is going back to his roots. Booting from SD. Moving to a new processor. Making every bit count. Join the Puppy geek adventure for 2012. Woof Woof
What is Raspberry Puppi?
Puppi is Puppy running on the Raspberry Pi ARM motherboard
Raspberry Puppi or RP or Puppi for short, is currently in pre-alpha preparation and experimentation

What Puppy centric news is available?
Python, Puppy and Raspberry Pi blog from Antiloquax and Lobster
Once Puppy is solidly on Pi, we will add drivers for other PARM devices


New Puppification of Debian Squeeze

What are the proposed Puppi spec?
These are likely to change

How soon before Puppi is on the Raspberry Pi?
Guys our worst developer - that would be me Lobster, has a Rpi board. It came two days before general release. Debian, Fedora and Arch have had boards six months ahead of us. More able developers such as Barry, Raffy, Sickgut and others have boards on order.
Lobster tries out Raspberry Pi hardware
Lobster has Pi!
pre planning
The Raspberry Puppi is part of PARM. We are making Puppy available for ARM processors, tablets and smart dog and bones

How do I get an operating system for my Raspberry Pi NOW?
Currently we are recommending Debian Squeeze
(Puppy not yet available) . . . coming soon . . .
We believe this to be the best basis or bootstrapping distro to start with
It contains some Puppy familiar programs, such as Geany and Leafpad
Using Debian Squeeze
Mark (antiloquax) is working on an ARCH based Puppy

Can I have a step by step setup tutorial?
How do I burn the Debian Image; the .img with Puppy?
In Puppy Slacko and most modern Puppys click on the downloaded Squeeze zip
It will expand
Move to the directory where the unzipped image is, open a console by
right clicking and select new terminal. Type
	# dd bs=1M if=debian6-19-04-2012.img of=/dev/sdc

more info
The part debian6-19-04-2012.img is the image and if you have a later image
replace with the updated image name

And for ArchLinux?
	dd bs=1M if=archlinuxarm-27-03-2012.img of=/dev/sdc

login root
password root
No Window manager just cli
type help to get started
more Arch info

How do I get 'The Squeeze' started?
boot up
login pi
password raspberry
for desktop

How using Squeeze, do I change the desktop image to something Puppi?
Right click on desktop
Change desktop/wallpaper and then drag the file from USB keydrive or other source (I added a lime coloured USB hub to the Raspberry) to the file selector

How do I install my favourite Puppi programs in the Squeeze?
Activate the menu bottom left
Use the Lxterminal in the top menu accessories
(password = raspberry)
	sudo su  
	apt-get update
	apt-get install mtpaint
	apt-get clean

then run mtpaint (that is an example) from the terminal

How to do I use Mtpaint screenshot?
See the info on installing favourite Puppy programs
When installed mtpaint is in your LX menu under graphics
The screenshot facility in mtpaint is under File/Actions/Time delayed screenshot

What other Puppi style programs can be installed with apt-get?
How do I move files from a USB keydrive on or off Debian Squeeze?
Change the permissions. You can do this from the file manager
I changed everything to read/write and executable
In Rox the USB will be visible in /media folder

How do I create an image file of my changes for other Puppi Users?
dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/a/mounted/filesystem/filename.img 


What the ffffffffff?
If you are getting strange auto-repeats or other weird behaviour try plugging the USB keyboard or other device directly into the Rpi, or use a powered hub.

What if I am American?
Any Youtube tutorials?
Can I have Raspberry PI FAQS?
Buying Guide
After developers, testers and users have Pi hardware, we can move towards the first mainstream ARM Raspberry Puppi ISO
Puppy artwork (already available), wiki and forum support etc.
Raspberry Pi hardware commitment
RPi Broadcom graphics info

Which Raspberry Pi Foundation resources should I use?
Join Pi forum Pi thread
Join Raspberry_Pi on twitter for news as it happens

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