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Sites in the Puppy Web

This page is to help identify the locations of the growing number of Puppy Linux web sites.
Please help this page grow by adding known Puppy Linux web sites that are missing

(No sites have been excluded on purpose, just overlooked.)

Main Sites

Puppy Linux Community Home -

This is the main home page for Puppy users, with links, documentation, wiki, and lots more. Maintained by the Puppy Linux community.

Puppy Linux Official Home -

The original developer of Puppy, Barry Kauler, maintains this site. Puppy Linux home page oriented to developers and experimenters. On dialup? Can't download large files? - Regularly updated CDs available here.


Puppy Linux Forum -

John Murga is kindly hosting the Puppy Discussion Forum. John has also developed a smaller flavour of Puppy that will fit in a 50M credit-card size CD
LinuxQuestions forum
Petstore forum

Original Wiki -

The original Wikka Wakka Wiki site that has lots of still useful information but is out-dated and cluttered.


Download Sites - Ibiblio is our main download site for the - Puppy .ISO Downloads and More

  • Use puppy as name and linux as password - Puppy Package Downloads (Canada)

  • Use puppy as name and linux as password

Language Specific Sites

A list of links with information about using Puppy with other languages besides English.

Puppy Wiki

Vietnamese Puppy Linux -

Hacao has developed a Vietnamese-language Puppy, "Hacao Linux".

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