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Puppy Versions List (AKA the big list)


ARM based devices are getting cheaper and faster. One device called the Raspberry Pi has excited developers enough to start making a Puppy ARM derivative
Compile from scratch for maximum speed and performance. Create a new build system that supports multiple platforms, with a user friendly package manager, and a well stocked repository
It will be designed to be based on a basic-bones version of wary5.2.2 plus Qt4-4.7.4.
thread QtPuppy Alpha download page

NameKernelSizeWindow Manager
Puppy 4.312.6.30.5, or JWM
Official release, works well on a wide range of computersannouncement pup-431.iso download
Puppy 129MB Openbox, JWM
Lastest Version of Puppy5.2x Lucid (Ubuntu based)
forum announcement
Puppy 132MB JWM
Lastest Version of Puppy5-Slacko (Slackware based)
Quirky 111MB -
Barrys latest cutting edge Puppy
Quirky 123.7MB -
Cutting edge Puppy using Xorg 7.3 and older kernel
Racy 111.6MB JWM
Racy is small and fast for modern hardware.
release screenshot
Wary513- 120.7MB JWM
Good support for older hardware, includes updated GtkDialog and BaCon
download announcement

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Language Versions


NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
AttackPup LightHouse Pup 4.43 - - -
Puppy with BackTrack features for penetration testing
Barebones 2.02 - - - FVWM
Puppy 1.0.3 for slow connections that uses the dillo browser (no Firefox, Opera or Mozilla) and notably does not include Abiword
Barebones 5(Lucid) - - 91.8MB -
Minimal version of Puppy 5
Breeezy - - 80MB JWM
By RaffyM for the ASUS Eee PC (also available as live CD of 80 MB for other machines)
website download
BrowserLinux 501 Puppy51 - 93MB -
BrowserLinux is a fast and small for surfing the web.
link download
ClusterPup - - - -
Creating a Puppy supercomputer, simplifies setting of mpich cluster
DPup Extrimo 5.X.7 NextPuppy 139MB JWM, Enlightenment
A Dpup based on Next Puppy with different Window manager and applications
forum, download
Fatdog64-520 - - 184MB -
Fatdog is an all 64bit version of Linux built from source packages using T2 and using Puppy Linux scripts and structure.
FatFree Puppy 2.17 - 51MB JWM
2.17 cutdown to add your own pets
Fluppy 013 Puppeee 150MB IceWM, FLWM, OpenBox
This is Puppeee with Eee-specific functionality removed and a full size kernel and a full Xorg with DRI, Mesa, and Nouveau.
Guy Dog 5.0.1 dpup 105 MB Openbox tint2
minimalistic, small, elegant, speed, innovative and full-featured puplet.
forum screenshot
InsidiousPuppy001- - -
Its key features are high Debian and Lucid Puppy compatibility, a good selection of applications (through Debian's repositories), an excellent multimedia stack and good hardware support.
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
*update* ISys/OSPuppeee---
Puppeee based with Dutch Kernel, Firefox 9.0, UnrealIRCD, Hiawatha 7.3, and more
thread Screenshot
*update* LazyPuppy 5.28-004 Puppy 5.28-004 198MB iceWM, JWM, openbox
Polished version of 5.28 with a great selection of software available as SFSs, also has German translations
thread screenshot
Legacy OS 2 - - - IceWM
Designed specifically for older PCs - saving hardware which would be landfilled.
LightHouse Puppy 5.03 G - - - iceWM, JWM, lxde, openbox
Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system.
LightHouse Puppy 64bit 5.14.2 - - - -
Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system. 64bit Version
homepage forum
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
Mac Pup 520 Puppy52 - 174MB Enlightenment E17
All the apps from Puppy 5 with the Enlightenment E17 window manager
Mac Pup 525 Puppy525 - 155 MB Enlightenment E17
All the apps from Puppy 5 with the Enlightenment E17 window manager
MijnPup52 Puppy52 - 279MB -
MijnPup is a fast remastered Puppy including LibreOffice and FireFox.
link forum
*new* MpdPup - - 60MB -
For building a dedicated music server as a replacement for traditional CD transports.
*new* Music2Go Puppy529 222MB OpenBox JWM
A Puppy for doing some music
homepage thread download
NextPuppy 5.0.1 Alpha 3DPup 73MB WindowMaker
Lighweight and compatible with both old and new hardware, low memory consumption.
thread next-5.0.1 download
NOP4.31Puppy431 - - -
Nearly Office Puppy, GNU office apps remove, ready for OpenOffice to be added
PUPnGO Puppy 4.3.1- 6MB optional
Basic Building Block Puplet
Puppeee 4.3X Puppy 4.3.1- 129MB IceWM, FLWM, OpenBox
Puppeee is an ultralight, user-friendly Linux distribution for the EeePC
Puppeee Arcade 10 Puppeee 4.3X - - -
A Eee PC distro with the fast FireDog browser suite, easier save-file management, 3D acceleration enabled as standard, great gaming options.
Puppy2.14X (top9) Puppy2 - - JWM
Vastly updated version of Puppy 2.14, good for old hardware
214X-top9.iso download, forum
Puppy525RetroPuppy525 130MB JWM
Rebuilding of 525 with the kernel and drivers from the reliable Puppy 4.31.
Puppy 5.29- 135MB Openbox, JWM
Not the successor to 5.28, experimental version with newer kernel for newer machines.
PupRescue 2.3 Puppy528 - 292MB -
Rescue tool for Windows systems that has died, got a virus, needs cleaning. Include tools to wipe hard drives, clone drives, find duplicate files and recover lost files.
forum PupRescue-2.3 download
Puppy Arcade 10 - - - -
Features lots of emulators, a BIOS installer and frontend downloaders and a cabinet-friendly, multi-emulator rom-loader, supports fullscreen and joypad navigation.
*update* Pussy Linux Debian 2.6.32-5-bigmem 228.2MB JWM
A cut down and 'Puppyified' version of Debian, aims to be 100% compatible with Debian repositories
info and download thread screenshot
QtPuppy Wary 5.22 - - -
Based on a basic-bones Wary with application development tool Qt4-4.7.4
QtPuppy help thread QtPuppy murga thread
QuirkyNOP - - - -
Nearly office Quirky. Choose if you want Open/Libre Office or GNU apps.
*update* RacyNOP 5.2.2 r1Racy 5.2.2 123MB 3.0.7 Xfce
For modern hardware, no office apps, add LibreOffice if needed, Thunar file manager
thread screenshot
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
Rexbang 2.4 - - - -
inspired by CrunchBang & ArchBang. Thunar file manager & Pidgin instant messenger have been added.
*new* Saluki Racy 5.2.2 2.6.39 i686 SMP PREEMPT 118MB Xfce
For computers less than 5 years, the focus is user friendliness, innovation, improved look and feel, and solid, functional applications. forum download folder screenshot
SailPup 5.25 Puppy525 - 384MB JWM OpenBox
Some network-tools and seachart-viewer are added. Further a grib-file-viewer and some other sailing-stuff.
forum downloads (u:puppy p:linux)
SlimPup 3.1 Puppy525 - OpenBox
Looks like Crunchbang, but more lightweight since it's Puppy. Eliminates cluttered menus by having a more concise menu.
homepage download
*new* SolidPup 5.1.1 Wary 5.1.1 114 MB IceWM OpenBox
Designed to be user-friendly, while still trying to keep the size small. Can run on newer computers, but is designed for older ones.
SolidPup511-Final.iso download forum
SpeakPup V0.05 Puppy 2.17 - 90.3 MB -
Customised for blind people featuring screen reader, speech server and soft brailler
blog forum
SPup100 - - - -
Slackware base compile
SuliPuppyEN Browserlinux -124 MB JWM
Education programs, english , author kros54
download forum
ThinkLinux Quirky 1.2- - JWM
Think Linux
Three-Headed Dog (Puppy529) Puppy 5.28 - - JWM, Openbox
Based on Puppy 528 using a newer kernel
TXZpup 4.5 - 117MB -
Compatible with Slackware binaries , built using standard linux tools, TXZ package management.
Wary5x Puppy431 107MB JWM
wary 5.1.1 retro with 217/431 base.
WaryNOP - - - -
Nearly office Wary
Wary Watcher 511Wary511- 191MB -
Video surveillance systems
XOPup 2.2 Puppy 5.11 2.6.35 or 2.6.31115.6MB -
Supports the One Laptop Per Child hardware.
Xp-like _Puppy_ENG Puppy431 - 146 MB IceWM
author s-kami
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager

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