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Puppy Versions


NameDerivativeKernelSizeWindow ManagerDescriptionLink
DPup477 - - - Dpup, while being based on Debian Lenny repositories, also uses a large portion of Debian Sid (Next Release) code, to keep up to date with newer application versions. Retro version.
Dpup482- - - Dpup, while being based on Debian Lenny repositories, also uses a large portion of Debian Sid (Next Release) code, to keep up to date with newer application versions. Main version.
InsidiousPuppy001- - - Its key features are high Debian and Lucid Puppy compatibility, a good selection of applications (through Debian's repositories), an excellent multimedia stack and good hardware
SPup100 - - - - Slackware base compile link
Quirky13 - 111MB - Barrys latest cutting edge Puppy Quirky 1.3
[[Wary09] - or 111.6MB - - Puppy Wary 0.9
ThinkLinux Quirky 1.2- - - JWM Think Linux

- - - - -


NameDerivativeSuperseded byKernelSizeWindow ManagerDescriptionLink
Puppy 5.2Puppy525 - - - - - -
Puppy Squeeze InsidiousPuppy001 - - - - -

- - - - - -

Puppy Cluster Creating a Puppy supercomputer
Attackpup Puppy + Backtrack features
Saluki Ttuuxxx+Jemimah+Technosaurus+BigBass Puppy remastered
Fatdog64 64 bit Puppy from Kirk and JamesBond
Puppeee designed by Jemimah for Asus Eee PC netbooks
Fluppy laptop and desktop version of Puppeee
Legacy OS development from Teenpup
Puppy Studio Multimedia SneakyLinux youtube review
Puppy Arcade Game on
TXZ_pup Compatible with Slackware binaries
XOpup-1.0 for OLPC project
Watchdog video surveillance systems
Puppy for librarians
Twinkle for retired Time Travelers
pUPnGO Command line only
Classic Pup 2.14X Updated 2 series
Older official versions
Puppy Derivatives forum page
Puppy Family Tree
Quickset based on Lucid
Web Server
Lucid Flux Flux WM version
French Puppy Linux: Toutou Linux
Vietnamese Puppy Linux: Hacao Linux
Brazilian Portuguese Puppy Linux: Succi Linux, BigpupBr

More Versions

NameWindow ManagerDescriptionSizeDownload
BarebonesFVWMPuppy 1.0.3 for slow connections that uses the dillo browser (no Firefox, Opera or Mozilla) and notably does not include Abiword40MbHTTP
BreeezyJWMby Raffy for the ASUS Eee PC (also available as live CD of 80 MB for other machines)65 MbHTTP
DCLXfceLatest version, 2008 is based on Puppy 3.01 with the latest Xfce, meant to merge Xfce and Puppy. 173 MbHTTP
DigipupJWM?Puppy for Ham radio. Also known as EMCPup97MbHTTP
Dragon PuppyXfceUsed Fatfree Puppy to created a stylish, Xfce-based puplet with Firefox, The GIMP, multimedia108MbHTTP
EcoPupJWM?Beta with Firefox 2 and OpenOffice 2 zipped up (for use once installed) rather than preloaded668MbHTTP Metalink
eBoxPupJWM?Alpha Puppy for the eBox 2300 with Opera.57Mb?HTTP
EduPupJWM?Puppy 2.11 with other kid's software such as: TuxType2, TuxMath, GcompriS (also with italian sounds), SuperTux, and TuxPaint (with tuxpaint-ConfiG and TuxStamp).166Mb?HTTP
Empty CrustJWMStripped down Puppy45MbFTP
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.useXpand BarbieJWM Puplet for women with Xfce, StumbleUpon and 60+ links to flash games online including Bubbles.245MbHTTP
eXpand DOFUSJWM Puplet based around playing the MMORPG DOFUS. Includes many other programs as well for a complete web environment. Based on Puppy 2.14 and made by lvds.263MbHTTP
Fat FreeJWM2.17 cutdown to add your own pets51MbHTTP
Fire HydrantJWMFirefox, flash, java, plus thunderbird, sunbird and lightning so you can get your mail and your calendar in one app. plus icewm, and 19 themes, a few new games in the firefox tool menu, xmms with a sony skin, Limewire, shutterbug, Gimpshop, Yahoo messenger, aMSN messenger,etc a lot was added and no scripts removed. 192MbHTTP Torrent
FlightpupJWMbased on Fat Free with FlightGear open source flight simulator and wNOP288MbHTTP
GamepupXfcealpha125MbHTTP Metalink
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usGrafpup 2JWM?Customized for graphic designers and other imaging professionals with current versions of Gimp, Cinepaint, Inkscape, and Scribus. Also has 397MB deluxe version80MbHTTP
HacaoIceWMHacao is Vietnamese. The project's purpose is a complete, yet lightweight operating system that can run on low-specification computers. The entire user interface of Hacao has been translated into Vietnamese.282MbTorrent Metalink HTTP
IcepupJWMFirefox puplet with wired and wireless support. Leafpad and VI Console Editor are the only applications present (formerly known as Foxpup and Litepup).<60MbHTTP MD5
Hurt Me PlentyJWMwith Quake demo?MbHTTP MD5
KDEPuppyKDEBased on Puppy 1.07 and in alpha developmental stage125MHTTP FTP Torrent
LighthousePupIceWM JWMLighthouse215SeaM analog clock, graphic system monitors, MPlayer, GQView, StreamTuner, enhanced context menus desktop icons themes cursors terminal CL prompt, SFS Editor. Available Mariner SFS expansion pack with OpenOffice, FireFox, Opera, Java. Also K3b CD/DVD Burner, GIMP, Graphics SFS182MHTTP

Enlightenment e17A beautiful remaster of Puppy Linux Macpup Opera 2.0 is the latest and is based on puppylinux 4.3.1 (k2.6.30.5) .O2 has all the apps from 4.3.1 plus Opera 10.10 and Gimp 2.6.3 .O2 also Has Dbus 1.2.16 . The Enlightenment e17 window manager version .061 was also compiled and installed from source. You can also use jwm. Use the exit menu to change window managers , In e17 that is the exit icon on the desktop.?MbHTTP
Mean PuppyJWM?Opera based (by John Murga)50MbHTTP
MicroMuppyXvesaCreated by Mark Ulrich. Regular Muppy is very modular, that is why it is so large. MicroMuppy isn't.12MbHTTP
MinipupJWMPuplet for diskless PC (miniPC) by Raffy Mananghaya; includes Firefox 1.5+, Mplayer and desktop publishing tools like GIMP and Scribus.85 MbHTTP
MinipupOfficeJWMPuplet for diskless PC (miniPC) by Raffy Mananghaya; includes Opera 9.02 and OpenOffice MbHTTP
MinisysKDECodename Muppy 008. Created by Mark Ulrich. "Muppy" is very modular, that is why it is so large.405MbHTTP
Muppy 007KDECreated by Mark Ulrich. "Muppy" is very modular, that is why it is so large.405MbHTTP
Muppy 006KDECreated by Mark Ulrich. "Muppy" is very modular, that is why it is so large.405MbHTTP
myPupJWMAlpha Web 2.0 Puppy based on 2.1688MbHTTP
NaNoWriMoJWM?aimed at writers. Based on Puppy Linux 1.0.3. by Mathias De Mare?MbHTTP
NOP (NearlyOffice)Xfce Xfce desktop environment, XSane, Blender, Opera and more, by an aerospace engineer. Prepared for HTTP Metalink BitTorrent
Onebone*NoneWith ELinks, YTree and Midnight Commander28MbHTTP FTP
OptimisedWindow Managerby Kenny. Default browser is Firefox (an Opera installer exists) with plugins. Optimised has Grip, Audacity, Mplayer, Gnumeric, Abiword, gtKam and XFMedia98MbHTTP
pcPuppyOSIceWMIncludes OxygenOffice, Citrix client, Limewire, Skype and WINE~600MbHTTP
Pizzapup 1IceWMIt replaces SeaMonkey with Firefox, has XMMS, Mplayer, IceWM and lots of other visual enhancements, and optional encryption. Current version is 3.0.1, "based" on Puppy 2.14.95Mb HTTP
Pizzapup 2IceWMIt replaces SeaMonkey with Firefox, has XMMS, Mplayer, IceWM and lots of other visual enhancements, and optional encryption. Current version is 3.0.1, "based" on Puppy 2.14.95Mb
Pizzapup 3IceWMIt replaces SeaMonkey with Firefox, has XMMS, Mplayer, IceWM and lots of other visual enhancements, and optional encryption. Current version is 3.0.1, "based" on Puppy 2.14.95MbFTP
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usPhoenixIceWMAlpha. also known as 3.03CE. Derived from 2.14R. Resulted from the Talking Stick Project.??MbHTTP FTP
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usPupeeeIceWMBased on Puppy 3.01 by Dan Van Wormer for the ASUS Eee PC.110MbHTTP
Screenshot of pupeezPupeezIceWM"Simple, Elegant and Fast"
Pupeez is aimed to users who just want a internet / media / photo PC. There is one application per task. Pupeez is aimed at 'technophobes', parents and grand parents. Pupeez is desgined to run on a computer with minimum 128Mb RAM.
Puppy 214RWindow ManagerPuppy 2.14 remaster with earlier kernel69MbHTTP
Puppy 216CEWindow ManagerPuppy 2.16 remaster also known as evergreen?MbHTTP
Pup4DosJWMFor running Puppy in DOS?MbHTTP
PupWin98JWMPuppy version 1.0.7 with Mozilla, for running outside Windows, starting from MS-DOS launched by an icon on your Windows98 desktop61MbHTTP
PupWinQEJWMNickname Winky, QEMU version 0.8.2 pieces to run Puppy in Windows XP, needs an ISO, coded for puppy-2.11-seamonkey.iso779KBHTTP
RegressionWindow ManagerPuppy 2.02 remaster with earlier kernel + Firefox +MPlayer +Sylpheed To make continued use of Mark's 3D-DRI graphics driver wizard and my wifi drivers?MbHTTP
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usRevpupXfceDescription ?MbHTTP
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usRudyJWM(not-so-minimalist puplet) has, Firefox, R with docs, rplot, stats4u (win), easychem, gimp, xsane, xnview, acrobat reader, pdftk with gui, freemind, tiddlywiki, skype, xtensoftphone, streamtuner, xmms, k3b, k9copy, xgammon, xaos, a bunch of rescue utilities, qemu plus kqemu and gui, wine, dosbox, cups, jwm plus icewm.550MbHTTP
SafePupJWMLight puplet based on Puppy 2.13 and barelypup by Raffy Mananghaya for safe web browsing in WinXP PCs; also suitable for PCs with no hard disk.< 60 Mb
SimplepupXfcestripped down (based on Empty Crust 1.0.7), XFCE window manager, Firefox (with flash and gxine plugins), Thunderbird 1.5, Abiword 2.4.1, Perl 5.8 (use ndiswrapper right away for wireless cards), Graveman 0.3.8 (and upgraded burniso2cd), Gxine 0.4.6 (with added codecs), Mtpaint 2.10, GQview 2.0.1 ?MbHTTP FTP
Speakpup?Speech Server: FreeTTS, Screen Reader: YASR, Text Editor: MP, Internet Browser:Elinks, IRC Chat:Irssi, File Manager:Ytree, Audio:MPG321,Soft Brailler:Brltty?MbHTTP
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usTEENpup 1JWMa good collection of applications in one handy CD and brightened up with a bit of eye candy. Created by John Biles, TEENpup is based on Puppy 2.14404MBHTTP
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usTEENpup 2JWMa good collection of applications in one handy CD and brightened up with a bit of eye candy. Created by John Biles, TEENpup is based on Puppy 2.14404MBHTTP
TransitionsJWMbuilt on Fat Free 301, + IceWM, LookXP, TrueVista themes, FireFox+Flash+Java, Dillo is default HTML. OpenOffice 2.2. GIMP. Xara Xtreme. MTPaint 3.1. Gaim 1.5. MPlayer, XMMS269MbHTTP FTP Torrent
Tmxxine PrismIceWMOpen Source Time Travel official distro, contains top programs, from Open Office to Komposer, Firefox, EzPup enhancements, Gimp, Xara - 144MB version also available333MbHTTP
Tmxxine VisionIceWMOpen Source Time Travel official distro, contains top programs, from Open Office to Komposer, Firefox, EzPup enhancements, Gimp, Xara - 144MB version also available333MbHTTP
Wolf PupJWMWolf Pup is a barebone distribution that has been setup with only the bare essentials needed for the CD to work. Users will find the convenience out for themselves when they start adding and removing the packages they like to use as they grow accustomed to the Package manager.68MbHTTP
wNOPXfceWobbly NOP with Xfce and Compiz Fusion?MbHTTP
XPuppyProJWM?looks like Windows XP77MbHTTP

Differences between Puppy 1 and 2 series
Puppy 1 uses an earlier Linux kernel and may offer better support for some older hardware. In Puppy 2 you will find increased speed, more powerful applications such as Inkscape and Gparted, and the Universal Installer. Puppy hardware recognition is now rivalling that of Knoppix and has surpassed XP for older equipment. Puppy 1.09CE was the last in the 1 series.

2.x series
This was originally compiled from source in T2, back in 2006. The last official release in this series was 2.17.1, but there were other branches by Dougal and more recently by ttuuxxx. So, this series is still alive and used by people. Why use it? -- some people with old hardware find the older Linux kernel works for them. They may also like the particular applications, features and smaller size of the 2-series.

3.x series
This series was based on Slackware 12.2 packages. It is also continuing to be used by some people who like the Slackware compatibility. MU has continued a branch of this series.
3.x also supported GTK1 and TK, both of which were dropped in Puppy 4.x. Some of the internal scripts had some major changes too.

4.x series
This was compiled in T2 in November 2007. The last official release from me was 412, and WhoDo coordinated 420 and 421. So 421 is the most recent.
I have stepped back in temporarily to develop the next release in this series, mostly because it is now based on Woof (a new system for building puppies from packages from different distros, including earlier puppies) and Woof is evolving and I'm the guy who knows most about Woof.
I am releasing alphas numbered 413, 414, 415, 416 etc., simply for convenience. These are unused version numbers. For the final, it will be numbered 430.

What made ver 4.x so different from ver 3.x so as to create a new series?
For 4.x, everything was recompiled from scratch with T2, using a significantly different set of options and versions of base libraries. Also, 3.x was binary compatible with Slackware. 4.x was not. (Not the same as guaranteeing that binaries from Slackware would or would not work in 3.x and 4.x, just impacts the likelihood).


Puppy 1.x "Original" series - Original Puppy based on the 2.4.x.x series kernel for older machines that can't use the later 2.6.x.x series kernel. Most recent release 1.09CE is still available and some devotees have only recently moved over to 4.x series.

Puppy 2.x "Classic" series - latest version Puppy Classic 2.14x is based on the 2.6.x.x kernel but is designed to run on older hardware while offering the most recent compatible applications.

Puppy 3.x "Slackpup" series - almost extinct but the pre-cursor to Puppy 5.x series; designed to offer the ability to have a Puppy that supports a major distro repository. In 3.x series it was Slackware. Most recent release 3.01

Puppy 4.x "Dingo" series. 2.6.30.X kernel. 4.2.1 was a community edition. 4.3.1 was the first release built using Woof. In current development is 4.4.

Puppy 5.x "Woof" series - 2.6.33.X kernel. Built entirely from Woof build system using a choice of packages from other distros or T2. Lucid Puppy (Lupu) uses the very latest Ubuntu packages but is still Puppy. Dpup uses the latest Debian packages, but is still Puppy. Quirky and Wary are T2 experimental versions from Barry looking for new and innovative ways of putting mainstream Puppy together. Their successful innovations occasionally find their way into Woof so other releases can use them.

Grafpup was a fork of 2.x series designed for those with highly specific graphics development needs. Not currently in development, although developer Nathan Fisher (NathanF) still drops by the Puppy forum occasionally.

Puppeee is Jemimah's fork of 4.x series designed to operate specifically on Asus EeePC notebooks with possible wider netbook support in the future.

Macpup, in both Foxy and Opera versions, will likely become a fork of 4.x series designed to run the E17 window manager, especially for those who like eye-candy and flashy graphics.

Others are working on derivatives supporting Xfce, Fluxbox and other window managers.

Quirky and Wary are experimental releases for those who want to contribute to the development of the next generation Puppy, with any new and compatible ideas being rolled into mainstream development through the Woof build system all the time. Barry is releasing these to broaden the pool of developers testing the innovations and to widen his perspective on what Puppy Nextgen should become.
1.x series, or Original Puppy, still available to support really old hardware that must have the 2.4.x.x series kernel.

2.x series, or Classic Puppy, will attempt to retain backward compatibility with earlier machines as far as the 2.6.x.x series kernel will allow.

3.x series has been superceded by 5.x series, but still useful for those requiring Slackware compatibility until someone builds and releases an Spup from Woof.

4.x series, Dingo or Tpup, will remain the continuing mainstream Puppy and is more than adequate for most user requirements. 4.4 is taking some time to develop principally because it will use the Woof build system with T2 packages, and as the mainstream release needs to be "bullet proof".

5.x series, or Lupu (Upup), Dpup, etc. will satisfy various user needs for access to the repository of a specific major distribution while retaining the Puppy minimalist philosophy, usability and speed.

Find out about version information
Information about the version of Puppy is stored at /etc/DISTRO_SPECS

You can see this file by going to a terminal emulator and typing in the following code (ensure letter cases are copied exactly)-


Linux Wikia - Puppy page
PuppyLinuxNews - release news

PuppyLinuxNews - derivative release news
WikiBooks - derivative page

Information about versioning system
How Puppy2 Works

Release archive (in German)

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