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Puppy Version Index

Versions - Quick guide
There are a lot of different builds of Puppy, giving you many choices and possibilities:
Our latest 'Woof2' built official Puppy 5.3.1 'Slacko' is out and highly Slackware compatible. Recommended for most new users. Slacko is not compatible with Woof1 built Puppy 5.2x Lucid - which was our recommended Puppy for the last two years. Many utilities from Lucid are available for Slacko in the LupufySlacko package.
For older hardware Wary 5.3 might be more efficient. Puppy Wary is compiled in Puppy using a mature kernel. Racy 5.3 combines Wary and the up to date 3.04 Linux kernel.
Unique configurations of Puppy (puplets) exist. For those migrating from Windows on hardware less than 5 years old and wishing to highly and easily customise, try Saluki.
Here is a big list of different Puppy verisions, also see what Puppy versions are under development.
Clean installs are recommended for new Puppy versions, see Installation Index

Long Term Support
Barry Kauler (Puppy's creator) currently actively supports and maintains Wary (old hardware) and Racy (newer hardware), see his blog for the latest updates.

General Information
Official Version Indexes

Major Derivative Indexes
  • DPup - Puppy based on Debian
  • MacPup - Puppy with Enlightenment window manager
  • Fatdog 64-bit only
  • Saluki - Based on Racy, focusing on user friendlessness
  • Barebones - cut down Puppy version, useful building blocks
  • Upup - Ubuntu based Puppy versions, including the official Lucid
  • Spup - Slackware based pPuppy versions, including the official Slacko


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