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====Puppy Version Index====
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~ There is a [[PuppyVersion big list]] of different Puppy versions, also see [[PuppyVersionDevelopment versions under development]].

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**General Information
~[[PuppyVersion Puppy Versions List]]**
~[[PuppyDifferences Puppy Differences]]
~[[Reviews Puppy Reviews]]
~[[ScreenShots Puppy ScreenShots]]

**Official Version Indexes**
~[[Puppy7|Puppy 7]] Xenial and Slacko
~[[Puppy6|Puppy 6]] Tahr and Slacko
~[[Puppy5Index|Puppy 5]] Precise, Lucid and Slacko
~[[Wary|Wary/Racy]] for older hardware
~[[QuirkyIndex|Quirky]] experimental, cutting edge
~[[Puppy4|Puppy 4]]
~[[Puppy 3|]]
~[[Puppy2|Puppy 2]]

**Versions for [[ARM]] devices incl. RPi**
~[[Puppi]] for ARM
~[[PARM Puppy being developed for ARM devices]]
~[[RPiRandomPuppy Raspberry Pi Random Puppy]]

~[[PuppyTimeLine Puppy TimeLine]]
~[[PuppyVersionSuperseded Superseded, Unmaintained and Unsorted]]
~[[Puppy1 Puppy 1]]

**Major Derivative Indexes**
~[[Carolina]] - Based on Racy with [[xfce]], focusing on user-friendliness
~[[MacPupIndex MacPup]] - with [[Enlightenment]] window manager
~[[Fatdog]] - for 64-bit computers
~[[LegacyOS]] - polished version for old computers ie. Pentium 3/4
~[[SlimPup]] - streamlined interface
~[[Barebones]] - cut down, useful building blocks
~[[PupNgo]] - 6MB tiny Puppy building block
~[[DPup]] - compatibility with Debian
~[[Spup]] - compatibility with Slackware, includes [[Puppy53 Slacko]]
~[[Upup]] - compatibility with Ubuntu, includes [[Precise]] and [[Puppy526 Lucid]]
~[[Apup]] - compatibility with Arch
~[[Tpup]] - built with T2
~[[NOP]] - add the preferred office program
~[[Accessibility]] - help with input etc.

~-[[PuppyOnLaptops List of Laptops working with Puppy]]
~-[[EeePC EeePC with Puppy]]

~[[NativeLanguageSupport Native Language Support]]
~[[HuPuppyHu Hungarian versions]]
~[[Puppy-Es]] - Spanish version using [[OpenBox]]
~[[PuppyRus]] - Russian version

~Clean installs are recommended for new Puppy versions, see [[InstallationIndex Installation Index]]
~[[PuppyRus]] - Russian version
==Also on the Wiki==
~[[WhatIsPuppy|What Is Puppy]]
~[[Puppy|What is a Puppy Version]]
~[[PuppyVersionInformation Display information about your Puppy Version]]
~[[WhatpuppyLinuxisbestforyou What puppy Linux is best for you]]
~[[LTS|Long Term Support]]
~[[InstallationIndex Installation Index]]
~[[PuppyVersionDevelopment Puppy Version Under Development]]
~[[Debianization]] - Make Puppy more like Debian
~[[MultiUser]] - Multi user information.

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Puppy official page]]
~[[ Barry Kauler's blog]]
~[[ 64bit and multicore Puppy list]]
~[[ Table of Puppy versions and Devx sfs packages]]
~[[ Puppy Linux Repo]] - distro list and host
~{{image url="" width="16"}}[[ Puppy Linux Links - Puplets]]
~[[ LinLap - this site provides info on configuring linux on laptops]]
~[[ How Many Puppies Are There ? (thread)]]

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