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Puppy Version Index

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There is a big list of different Puppy versions, also see versions under development.

General Information
Official Version Indexes
Puppy 5 Precise, Lucid and Slacko
Wary/Racy for older hardware
Quirky experimental, cutting edge
Puppy 4
Puppy 3
Puppy 2

Versions for ARM devices incl. RPi

Major Derivative Indexes
Carolina - Based on Racy with xfce, focusing on user-friendliness
MacPup - with Enlightenment window manager
Fatdog - for 64-bit computers
LegacyOS - polished version for old computers ie. Pentium 3/4
SlimPup - streamlined interface
Barebones - cut down, useful building blocks
PupNgo - 6MB tiny Puppy building block
DPup - compatibility with Debian
Spup - compatibility with Slackware, includes Slacko
Upup - compatibility with Ubuntu, includes Precise and Lucid
Apup - compatibility with Arch
Tpup - built with T2
NOP - add the preferred office program
Accessibility - help with input etc.


Clean installs are recommended for new Puppy versions, see Installation Index

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