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Pussy Linux

Cut down version of Debian by sickgut. Designed to be lightweight, like Puppy. 100% 'apt get' compatibility with Debian. It uses JWM as its Window Manager.
As of November 2014, Pussy Linux is no longer in development and appears to be a stagnant. Follow the Related Webpages links below for more information.
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Comment by darkcity
2013-10-27 05:54:07
thepussycatforest.info site is down?
Comment by BostonBay
2014-10-30 14:34:23
Yes. It appears as if sickgut has moved on and the project is no longer active.
Comment by darkcity
2014-10-30 16:08:49
That's a shame, thanks for updating page. DebianDog appears to be a similar concept. (see [[Dpup]])
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