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[[ Pwidgets]] weather plugin

Pwidgets weather plugin is just a simple desktop widget reflecting your current weather
conditions at your location or any location you like around the world. At the moment
two separate locations at any one time are supported, that is, you can have two instances
of the widget running.

===Setting your location===


If you live in the USA it is a smple matter of putting your zip code as your location code
in the entry box (replacing the what is currently there)

{{image url="" title="weather-plugin" alt="weather-plugin"}}
Available from: //Menu > Desktop > Pwidgets//

==Other Places Around the World==

You need to find your location code from There is a direct link in the
weather plugin interface which takes you to the accuweather site. Just hit the **WWW** button.
Now just enter your city and country in the first entry box. Your code is at the end of the web
address in the second entry box. You may need too use the arrow keys to navigate to the end of that
web address, it can be long. You need to copy and paste the part that looks like this into the pwidgets
weather plugin entry box (see above picture):


The accuweather page will look like this:
{{image url="" title="accuweather-pic" alt="accuweather-rss"}}

Now you hit apply and your weather location is saved. Apply Pwidgets and your widget will show on screen.

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