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QtPuppy (pronounced "Cute Puppy") and Mage

This project is NO longer on HOLD

While the idea of using T2 as the base (it worked ok for warzalpha080), it has become quite clear that it's not a suitable base for a Qt Development system! However, i've found something suitable in Mageia.
QtPuppy is designed to be a Developers Puppy, not a General users Puppy Desktop, therefore things like menus and the content will be seriously changed around! It will be closer to the Standard and most areas wil have Three-level Menus.
The first Alpha Releases will be called magexxx and will come out after Mageia2 is released in Mid-April.
(This will still be the download page)

Threads covering both Mage and QtPuppy can be found at Puppy Linux Help and murga-linux, both are monitored and responded too.

Vision for QtPuppy

It will be designed to be based on a basic-bones version of Mageia 2 plus Qt4-4.8.0.

The Development Versions will be coded mage2.0.x.x, while Release Versions will start at mage2.1.2! In all cases, only those with even number endings can be considered to be Stable Versions for use!

In all cases it is planned to have something like the traditional Puppy screen layout available either via a Qt Window-manager/Desktop (razorqt/qlwm) or by Puppy's JWM.

It will not have a number of the general libraries and applications you are use to in Puppy, as the applications will be replaced by Qt4 equivalents as they are located, tested for stability and added to QtPuppy, or developed from the ground up.

It will also have by default the Qt Design Package "Qt Creator" integrated into it so you can have a go at building your own ideas into an application. Qt Creator can also multi-Platform, so may be of use when we expand into other systems in the future.

Others like the popular openoffice.sts, etc. should be useable and loadable via bootmanager as long as the sts's are internally complete.

Most of the multiple programs that do the same thing will be missing. This is a common complaint now from those windows users thinking of trying a version of linux out now.

QtPuppy is planned to be modem, wifi, network and Satellite compatable.

QtPuppy will have some standard Printer drivers already installed, such as the hp drivers.

I have allocated a fair proportion of my time for all of 2012 to meet this concept!

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