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Under development, this page Will change as I put it all together.
Development Version 0.0.xx will come from choicepup's Puppy 4.3.1 bare-bones, but not
released. (Sorry, i'm using it to learn how-to do this, and it Will be very buggy).
First Alpha Release (0.1.01 may now come from a pre-Puppy 5.1 (Lupi 207 or so, the ?guys
have, I think, offered to teach me to build one).
Still planning on a Christmas 2010 alpha release as i'm not doing rocket-science, just
"doing it a different way"!
PuppyRunt releases will come either from my Puppy5.1 + Basic-bones version or when
Puppy 6 is on the go.

this project is on hold until 2011 while I work on a couple of packages for puppy and a new website

Vision for PuppyRunt
PuppyRunt will be designed to consist of two .sts files to attach to a basic-bones version of puppy via
bootmanager. Others like the popular openoffice.sts, etc. of a compatable puppy version should be useable.

It will have traditional Puppy screen layout but only some of the traditional Puppy applications, (updated
to the latest working versions, not necessarily the latest and greatest) built into a "linapps.sts".
Most of the multiple programs that do the same thing will be missing. This is a common complaint now from
those windows users thinking of trying a version of linux out now.

There will be a number of Windows Compatable Apps/Programs on the screen for windows users,
(examples are Firefox and Eudora) including Group Screen icons and Menus built into a "winapps.sts".

Things should still work as Puppy users expect them to, but a windows user should also be able to use it
without too much hastle.

PuppyRunt may become vesa only, so hopefully will work on anything it's "thrown into".

PuppyRunt should be modem, wifi, network and Satellite compatable.
PuppyRunt will have some standard Printer drivers already installed.

That should be a big enough vision for a first real project.

All Comments welcome!

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